2017 Review – Management Changes and Growth at Skore

Once again I am glad to say that we are at the end of the year and looking back with a very positive view. 2017 has seen more changes, activity and growth at Skore.

Here is an overview of the key highlights for 2017 at Skore.

Our Partners and Community

We started shifting our focus to partners in 2017 which has been challenging and exciting. It became clear in 2016 that we needed a larger team to support our growing customer base. This meant growing our team internally or working more closely with partners to provide these resources.

As we decided to focus internally on the product, and supporting tools, we were relying on our fantastic network of partners to provide additional services to our clients. This has worked well and we are looking to extend this further into 2018.

To support our network we setup our Skrum events running the first in July. These have proved very popular with both partners and customers and we will be increasing the frequency and availability of locations in 2018.

The Company

Early 2017 brought a lot of changes for us internally as we made some structural changes to the company in order to support our growth. The previous make up of the company makes it hard to do an exact comparison for year on year revenue although all calculations show revenue has more than doubled in 2017.

In February we expanded the management team with the appointment of Chris Green as our Director of Partnerships. Chris brought a wealth of experience in delivering value added solutions to customers. His position supports our approach to developing deeper and more collaborative relationships with our partner network.

During the year we also increased our development resources adding another full time software developer to the team. This is a front-end role for the software and supported the development of our new release due in January 2018.

Finally, at the end of 2017, we welcomed Antony Bream as an advisor to the management team. Antony has experience in managing technology companies through growth providing strategic guidance, marketing insights and an extensive industry network.

The Product

Following the launch of Skore web app at the end of 2016, early 2017 saw the addition of a number of improvements to the product. These included features such as commenting, approvals change history.

The rapid growth in users meant we had to review and improve the infrastructure early in the year. In August 2017 we implemented a completely new architecture for the product that will allow much more secure and scalable growth into the future.

The final major project of 2017 was a complete redesign of the software. Sneak previews have been available through a series of webinars. The first customer trial workspaces were available in December 2017 and a formal launch is due in early 2018.

So once again 2017 has been another exciting year us and we look forward to welcoming 2018 along with our partners and customers. Wishing you all the best for 2018!

The team at Skore.

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