Are Process Audits really that cool?

SiriusDecisions’ October 2014 newsletter hits the nail on the head with this article on process audits.

“self-imposed process audits are rare, even though the benefits of conducting such an exercise are tremendous.”

We’ve experienced, many times, how powerful it can be just to get people together to discuss their processes. Key handover points are clarified, improvement opportunities are identified and people learn new things about their colleagues. The act of gathering the information will improve the way the team works together even before any analysis. But mapping the current state can be a time consuming, and often rather dull, exercise for your colleagues. It’s not surprising they happen so rarely.

Skore app is ideal for process audits due to the speed with which process can be accurately captured. Without any technical notation to learn it can be done and read by anyone. People can even map their own processes, although we recommend you do this collaboratively for maximum benefits.

SiriusDecisions also recommend a hierarchical approach to mapping, starting at a high level and breaking processes down into more and more detail until they are better understood. Skore app has this functionality built in with our detailed view option on every step. This ensures that every level of process you capture is stored directly in the context of the higher levels.

We recommend a process audit right now and you can’t get started quicker than with Skore app.

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