Are you ready for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Over the next two years all companies working with European customers will have to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The legislation is designed to bring data protection into the 21st century and better protect consumers. The regulation comes into effect in 2018 so companies should be considering how well they comply with the legislation now.

This process example is based on a blog post by Rick Powles on and steps through the key things organizations should be considering in the run up to the GDPR coming into law.

Click the image to open the interactive version of the process
Click the image to open the interactive version of the process

This process guide was created using What and Why boxes to describe the four steps. As I didn’t want to add a role to each step I cleared the role box by using a space. The heading and text are made using a Note with markdown.

Additional information is added to the attachment panel which you can access using the paperclip icon. On the first box I added a Youtube video from PwC describing GDPR. To add youtube videos simply copy the embed code provided under Share on the Youtube page and paste this into a Text attachment. You may need to experiment with the video size to make it fit into the panel.

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