Customer Experience (CX) Workshop Leads to Success

2016 started with an excited call from a customer I had worked with early the previous year. The long expected growth was finally happening and they were going to need help. I went along to see what I could do, where they’d got to and what they were doing next.

The Initial CX Workshop

When we met last time I had facilitated a Customer Experience (CX) workshop for the team. The owner had contacted me asking for help improving customer experience post customer acquisition. He told me there was little structure and each new customer was handled differently.

I suggested we look across ALL customer touchpoints. Even if the focus was going to be on post acquisition we should be sure that everything was setup beforehand to ensure success.

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As we mapped out the key touchpoints we started looking at the stages after the customer signed a contract. I pushed the team to define how that part of the process started. But it wasn’t clear, every customer had been different and there had been a number of problems.

Changing Focus

We then went a step back and identified more problems during the acquisition phase which finally led us to lead generation.

It was starting to become clear that there was no central theme throughout the messaging. What a customer might read on an advert, or mail shot, was quite different from what they were told during a demo or sales call.

The team were looking for a quick win and this was surely it. They still needed to improve the implementation side but they didn’t have that many customers yet.

They agreed to look at this part of the process when I left the building.


Fast forward 10 months and the growth they were expecting last year was now there. What’s more they showed me some of the work they’d done after I left. There was nothing complicated or even time consuming but it had made a significant difference.

Traffic was up more than double and lead quality had improved. Not all the changes they made had been discussed in the workshop but it had allowed them to prioritise the issues they face and identify where to focus their attention. Sometimes it’s just about stepping back and looking at the full picture with the rest of the team.

Now I’m back to help with post-acquisition.

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