Drive ownership, accountability and collaboration with Skore web app

Our latest updates to Skore web app are designed to help businesses drive ownership and accountability through better understanding and collaborating around core processes.

Built on top of our simple, yet powerful, process approach these new features help teams keep cross functional processes up-to-date and front of mind.

Drive ownership and accountability with process approvals

Mapping and sharing processes is a great way to get people aligned and to agree on how things work. But once you’ve got agreement how do you ensure the process gets done the way it’s described.

Ownership of a process can be driven by having owners put their name against it and declaring that this is the official version. The approved, and most up-to-date, version of the process for all users.

Editors can ask any user in the system to approve a process before it is published for viewing.

Share published processes while you continue to work on the next version

Once a process has been approved it needs to be shared with users so that they have the most up-to-date version of the process available. In the meantime editors may need to start working on the next version of the process.

Once a process has been published viewers will automatically be taken to the published version ensuring they always see the latest ‘official’ version.

Processes can be published directly or they can be sent for approval before publishing.

Engage users and gather feedback with comments

Should you need to gather feedback following a workshop, or at anytime, you can switch on the commenting feature for an individual process in the workspace. This means that any viewer can leave comments while viewing a process.

Comments are visible to all users of the process and users can have conversations about ideas and issues raised.

Each comment has a checkbox so editors can check off items as they are implemented and changed in the process.

Comments can be switched on for users to leave feedback at anytime or they can be switched on for a specific period.

Highlight key processes in the workspace by pinning them to the top

Processes in the workspace can be ordered in different ways such as last modified or first created. this means that processes tend to be ordered chronologically and not always show key processes at the top of the list.

A workspace owner can now pin one or more processes to the top of the workspace so that they are always visible. This is particularly useful if you have a landing page or top level process you want to use as a catalogue or starting point.

To pin a process click the More menu on the process card and select Pin Process.

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