When exploring and ‘mountain climbing’…agile is best!

This is a guest post from a user of Skore, Robert Leitch of Adroit & Associates

During the period my mother and father owned a caravan it was used infrequently. They couldn’t afford the dedicated resources to keep it pre-packed and ready for use, so over the years its use became more and more sporadic due to the overheads required to set it up and go somewhere with it. The idea was to get off the beaten track and explore, however, in reality, during our periods of caravan use, we relied upon pre-bookings at campsites that had capabilities to support our needs. Not so much ‘off the beaten track’ but well and truly on it… not exploring and certainly not ‘mountain climbing’.

When transforming a business or innovating, metaphorically, we need to explore, ‘climb mountains’ and ‘cross chasms’…we need to be ‘agile’.

Large bulky caravans, requiring caravan parks and special caravan resources will only slow us down and determine how far away from the norm we can travel. What we need is access to effective and dynamic lightweight resources, something we can readily run with and visit places we have never even thought of going… yet still have the peace of mind of a tried and tested framework to keep us on the right track.

Skore Digital Discovery is such a resource, it offers the key capabilities for facilitating explorations (including mountain climbing and chasm crossing). It graphically captures the interactions we have, or wish to have, and the language used to define them. This enables us to record notes, associate artefacts and resources we may need along the way.  Our approach means that we can create a common language so that we can clearly understand what is being said and how we might measure what we are doing.

Who needs a caravan when you have the best exploring and recording equipment to hand?

Skore helps you reduce the the cost and risk of transformation programmes by ensuring you clearly understand processes, people and technology before making any change.

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