Find your MVP using Skore and user journeys

Skore helps you finding where to start

A Minimum Viable Product demonstrates your product works for a group of users. Easier to say than done, where to draw the line? Which feature should get in, and which doesn’t? A MVP helps you finding where to start.

Recently, I have used Skore to map all potential user journeys in a software idea I have. I skored the high level vision and went into a big deal of details; different user journey for different users; as far as reporting, tracking changes, etc. It helped me understanding the purpose of each step contributing to the achievement of the goal.

I still have no clue if most ideas will make it to the final product, but, while mapping in Skore, I could already understand my own idea better.

I could see what my typical user would do, what was needed. I found the right word to speak about these actions. At the end, this helped me deciding what is important and what is not.

Skore helped me to

  • Focus on the product high level vision first
  • Find the right vocabulary and names to talk about the components of the software
  • See what is important and what is not
  • Deduce the list of features for my MVP

Of course this list might change over time, but a few hours after having the idea, I could already see the features that are essentials and what was their purpose. It’s then easy to filter what is necessary to get started.

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