Further success drives partnership and Sharepoint integration

SPRINGBOARD-IT-logo-header-x2We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Springboard IT. We will be working with Springboard IT to develop our Sharepoint integration. This will bring together the content management capabilities of Sharepoint, and Office 365, with the rapid process capture and analytical capabilities of Skore app.

We see a growing need in our customer projects to make better use of existing infrastructure rather than introducing even more tools. Many companies have years invested in the Sharepoint platform which has really come of age since the release of Sharepoint 2013.

The integration will make it much easier to manage, control, share and collaborate on interactive process content. It extends our current capabilities in process capture and analysis into process knowledge management.

Who are Springboard IT?

Springboard IT are a leading consulting and development agency that specialize in maximizing the value from your existing Sharepoint infrastructure. They provide advice, configuration and development of customer apps and workflows.
“Working with Skore app is an ideal partnership. It makes it much easier for companies to identify, develop and improve existing processes. Skore app processes form the requirements for custom forms and workflows allowing any Sharepoint owner to maximize their investment in the platform.” – Steve Bloomer, founder of Springboard IT.

How do I get the integration?

We already have a number of early adopter customers but we’re always looking for more. Early adopters will get the chance to influence the direction and capability of future developments.

If you think adding Sharepoint integration is something that will make a significant difference to your organization then please do get in touch. [email protected]

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