May 2016 updates to Skore app

This is the first announcement on updates to Skore app since February 2016 and we’ve packed in a few improvements since then. The main areas we’ve looked at this year are:

  • More updates more often
  • Improvements that make your life as an analyst easier
  • Improvements that make the experience for your audience better

More updates more often

While this is the first announcement since we released version 3 of Skore app you have probably noticed there have been a number of updates since then. With version 3 we implemented a new system of release that allows us to deploy updates and bug fixes more quickly.

That means some releases specifically fix bugs while others may include other improvements too. This post covers all updates since February 2016.

Improvements to make your life easier as an analyst

Printing – as well as bug fixes we have added more page size options such as better support for Letter as well as A3. You will also find it’s now possible to print multiple diagrams at once. For example you can print the currently visible diagram as well as all the detailed views beneath it.

More zen like experience – a handful of users commented that they enjoyed the new ‘fun’ background image a little too much. Some said they were often asked to move the canvas so others could see the background in its full glory. To avoid this distraction we’ve added an option in settings to hide the background for when you want 100% focus on process mapping.

You can now also hide the left bar which is especially useful when working on older projectors where screen resolution is an issue.

Spell Checker – is now available for US English in the desktop app.

Improvements that make the experience for your audience better

Bring all step related information into one place – as a user following a process I would like all related information to be instantly available and in the same place. To achieve this we have improved the attachment panel in a number of ways.

  • The Whatbox text is automatically added at the top of the panel so that you can easily see which step in the process it belongs to
  • The panel is always full height so that it doesn’t disappear when there is only a small amount of information in there
  • It is now possible to move the canvas to see whatboxes previously hidden by the attachment panel
  • The panel is resizable which makes it easier to view content such as embedded videos or larger images


Make processes easier to read – we continue to make the processes created in Skore app easier to read, often with feedback from customers and through our own tests. Here are some recent improvements that will help:

  • More icons are available to use in diagrams from the collection
  • Items can be ordered back-to-front or front-to-back. If you are using images over which you want to place notes, or other items, you can add them to the diagram in any order, then re-order them to get the image under the note
  • Images will now default to fit inside the object they have been placed in. So an image in a note will resize with the note. If you want to always display the full image size simple add ‘noresize’ to the image tag
  • Make the difference between what and who clearer by adding a line between them (see how>>)
  • Use custom colors for the background of notes


Improved support for Internet Explorer (and Edge) – previously the html view would open in compatibility mode meaning not all features were available. We now tell Internet Explorer to use the latest settings for the best experience.

If you would like to know more about Skore app and our latest improvements please email us [email protected]

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