New Investment in Skore app

It has now been 2 years since we first launched Skore app as a rapid process mapping and analytics tool. In that time we have been steadily growing a fan base and developing the application based on keeping things simple and fast.

In most cases we have tried to deliver what you have asked us for but our team and resources are limited. We know that a number of key requirements have been most obvious by their absence.

Well we hope to change that with this announcement. Thanks to your stunning support so far we are now in a position to start investing more in the application and really take it to the next level.

gray_whithout_-we-do-digitalThis week we signed an agreement to work with Dorset Creative, a UK based digital agency with years of development experience. We’re proud to invest in this UK team and we’re more than happy to spend time with them onsite in the stunning seaside town of Bournemouth.

The team at Dorset Creative are very experienced and have delivered a number innovative software products around productivity and project management. Their customers include universities, hospitals and local councils which shows they can build products that scale.

“The whole team are really excited to be working with Skore app. We think it’s such an interesting product and one that we’ve seen makes a real difference to all their customers. We’re very motivated by the fact we’ll be making such an impact on some very important companies.” Dorset Creative’s Director, Nathan Revill.

Over the coming months we’ll be bringing you more updates on our progress. We hope you’ll soon start seeing the benefits of this partnership. Please keep the feedback coming.

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