The Skore Story

In 2010 a global manufacturer launched a major transformation of their marketing and sales operations across Europe. This multimillion dollar program impacted over 5000 employees and promised to deliver considerable cost savings as well improving quality and accelerating innovation.

Barely months in and the program was behind schedule. Early enthusiasm was beginning to fade. The commitment to the discovery work was eating into day jobs and impacting the business. The outlook wasn’t good, left to continue the program would quickly grind to a halt, the investment and good will wasted.

Fresh from developing a new approach to business change and transformation Colin Claverie, Craig Willis and Chris Green were introduced to the company.

As the Principal Consultant Colin led the implementation of this approach in a reboot of the program, supported by Craig as Product Manager and Chris as Global Head of Methodology.

With fewer workshops and less follow up work they achieved higher levels of engagement and everyone, including all stakeholders, had more time to work on their day jobs.

The program accelerated, getting back on track and then delivering faster than originally estimated. The transformation was delivered in time and under budget. The work resulted in a flexible operating model that forms the basis for all agile change and transformation across all operations.

This program, and many subsequent change and transformations at companies including AstraZeneca, Barclays, Chevron, Nestlé and Jaguar Land Rover, formed the basis for Skore, founded in 2014.

The Skore platform has been developed to get transformation right first time. It works by building in the knowledge and experience from hundreds of experts across thousands of programs into a single toolset. Skore is ideal for change and transformation practitioners and teams implementing new technology.


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