The Skore Story

We started Skore in 2014 but our story started long before then. Colin, Craig and Chris first met as consultants working for Business Process Management (BPM) vendor Nimbus Partners. Nimbus had grown rapidly, from 1997, disrupting the traditional BPM marketplace.

Nimbus challenged the status quo with its focus on business friendly process management helping to develop process as a strategic asset. Global customers of Nimbus include Astra Zeneca, Novartis, HSBC, Barclays, Chevron and Nestlé among many others.

Colin and Chris worked as senior consultants delivering many successful projects that helped customers realise return on investment for major transformation programmes. Craig started working at Nimbus as Training Manager before becoming Product Manager for the core product.

Colin and Craig left Nimbus, now Tibco, in late 2012 to explore how business transformation could be accelerated while remaining effective. This led to the establishment of Skore as a truly rapid, engaging tool that seamlessly brings together process modelling with organisational structures and data analysis. Skore provides everyone in an organisation with valuable insights that make transformation a whole team exercise.


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