Skore service interruption – September 6th 2017

Page last updated: September 11th 2017 08.44 GMT

At 10.30am GMT on Wednesday September 6th 2017 the Skore web service was interrupted during normal operation for approximately 40 minutes.

Our investigation identified an issue on one of our servers containing the backend database. The error caused data on that server to be lost requiring the previous day’s backup to be restored. This resulted in a small number of users losing data from the previous day.

During the investigation we have identified an improvement to how we manage certain types of data we store. The improvements will allow us to recover from an outage much quicker while preserving more data during such an event.

This improvement was implemented on Friday 8th September along with more frequent database backups.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the interruption. For more information please contact [email protected]