The real life aspect of your product

Embedding the activities a user do outside of your software helps clarifying the purpose

Having a product that solves a problem is one (important) thing; but how nicely your solution fits in existing user’s ways of working ?

When exploring product ideas with Skore, I always try to keep in mind scenarios (user journeys) starting and finishing outside the software. It gives a different point of view to the features, puts them in the context of the real life.

For example, how are your map used once they are created ? Sure you could send over the file. But you might as well only need to send a snapshot of your map, to include an image directly in an email or presentation. Screen shots have their limits… It’s when considering this that we prioritized the export-to-image feature.

Skores helps to easily add “real life” context to your product vision.

3 things learnt:

  • The user journey always starts somewhere in the real life
  • Plan for the lowest attention span you can imagine
  • Take into account all external inputs / outputs required to continue the journey (e.g. have the credit card on hand when proceeding to checkout)
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