Use Skore app for free with is our web based demo of Skore app. More than that it’s an almost fully functional version of the desktop app. And what’s more it’s completely free to use!

So what’s the catch? is designed as a demo so that means some features are not available, mostly to do with exporting… but not all! the first question you might ask, after putting a lot of work into creating the perfect process, is how do I save my work?

Saving with

Whenever you work with Skore app all the data is stored in something called XML. When you create a skore file with the desktop app it saves this XML into that file.

We make Skore app very open and flexible and that means we make this XML data available to any user, including users of

Saving the work you’ve done in Skore is as simple as saving that XML data somewhere. So how do you do it?

Saving online

The easiest and quickest way to save your work is to use the option in the Export menu. When you click this your data will be stored anonymously online. Skore will return a web link that you can use to open that version of the data.

You can share that link with anyone you want but you won’t be able to change it. When it comes to updating your process simply click again and it will create a new link showing your updates. As simple as that!

The downside to this approach is that your information is always public. Although not easy to find without the link it’s still open to anyone that can find it.

Saving offline

A safer way to save your content is to copy it to another file! When using (or Skore app) simply click on XML in the Export menu. Here you’ll see all the raw data for your process. Simply copy and paste that data into a text editor, such as NotePad or TextEdit, and save it as a plain text file.

To re-open your process browse to, click XML in the Export menu and copy and paste your data into the window. When you click Apply your process will be displayed in and you can edit it. Just remember you’ll need to copy it back to your text editor when finished.

Getting the most out of Skore app

Of course the best way to save files is to use Skore app desktop, you can download it for free and you’ll be able save files directly for 30 days. With Skore app desktop you’ll also be able to:

  • Save processes as webpages to share on your intranet
  • Use offline
  • Export processes to image or PDF
  • Export reports to MS Excel
  • Save your favorite colors and styles

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