Your 6 steps for delivering business transformation right first time.


Every effective organisation shares a common understanding of how things work. You can reach a common understanding by collaboratively building a common language within and across teams.

Skore provides a simple framework that enables you to build a comprehensive description of how your organisation works that everyone can read and understand. It uses simple building blocks that allows you to construct the framework quickly and easily.

This ensures everyone understands the changes that are coming, why they are needed, the impact and how they can support the change.


Collaborative workshops are one of the fastest, most interactive and engaging ways to gather information about how a business works. Skore guides the workshop by asking the right questions while assembling the information in a robust framework.

The intuitive interface allows the facilitator to map out the business at the speed of talking, live into the tool. With built in short cuts and dynamic data capture it ensures you have maximum engagement and participation.

No need to take photos of whiteboards and transcribe them into another tool afterward. With Skore you capture live into your existing process framework to ensure you have covered all the interfaces, interactions and links to other processes.


Understanding the impact of changes to your organisation is very difficult when the information that describes it is stored in different types of document. With Skore you create a simple multi-dimensional framework that describes work that happens, who does it and what systems and data are required. All in a single model.

This single model means you can start to ask questions such as “what happens if I change system X?” “What happens if we remove role Y?” “Who uses system Z?” Now you can make informed decisions in seconds.

Generate Insights

With all the information, that describes your business, stored in a single model it’s easy to start generating insights. Those insights might come from the conversations that Skore creates or from the information you’ve captured.

Skore provides some simple analytics built-in that provide instant insights. You can export data to Excel to create charts. Or you can integrate with your favourite business intelligence tool to create visual analytics.

Drive ownership and accountability

Once you have engaged the team, identified the change and communicated it out you can start to drive ownership and accountability. Through the common language everyone will understand what needs to be done. Skore’s responsibility modelling ensures everyone knows what they will do and when.

You can assign owners and have managers approve the changes before they are published and shared with the team. A central audit log ensures that  record is kept of who has changed what and when.

Embed and Optimise

As all the information is stored in the cloud you can easily and instantly share processes, gather feedback and update anywhere. Skore is available through all popular browsers, and devices, to provide a global single source of the truth.


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