Do you know what information and systems you REALLY need in your business?

Understanding the impact of changes to your organisation is very difficult when the information that describes it is stored in different types of document. With Skore you create a simple multi-dimensional framework that describes work that happens, who does it and what systems and data are required. All in a single place.

  • Record WHERE and HOW systems are used in a process
  • Aggregate multiple sources of related information
  • Structure information in the context of the process

“I ended up having 3 people keeping Excel Spreadsheets up-to-date… Skore removes that”
– Transformation Director


Most organisations will have policies, procedures, training manuals, videos and intranet sites all describing the same process. These documents are often stored in different places and rarely easy to find.

With Skore you can link specific steps in a process to all your documentation. Link to documents and sites, embed videos or simply describe the information directly in Skore.

If you already have the information, no need to recreate it, just link to it. Saves you time and makes it easier to find.

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Make better decisions with the right data in the right place

Data and information is essential for effective decision making in any organisation. Understanding what data is needed, where and by who is the first step to identifying the appropriate systems.

Skore allows you to capture this information in a structured way and in the context of the process. The information can be reported on and analysed to provide requirements and system definitions.

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Fix the gaps in your process by making them visible

Whenever you describe how something works you have ideas, questions or identify issues. But you don’t always have the time to deal with them straight away.

With Skore you can visually capture these, using virtual sticky notes, so that everyone can see and help to resolve. Notes can be reported on and categorised according to whether it’s a question, idea or anything else you need to capture.

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