Is everyone in your organisation clear on their roles and responsibilities?

Once you have engaged the team, identified the change and communicated it out you can start to drive ownership and accountability. Through the common language everyone will understand what needs to be done. Skore’s responsibility modelling ensures everyone knows what they will do and when.

You can assign owners and have managers approve the changes before they are published and shared with the team. A central audit log ensures that  record is kept of who has changed what and when.

  • Integrated Roles and Responsibility Mapping that everyone can understand (RACI / RATSI / Custom)
  • Use the Change History and Activity Log to monitor engagement
  • Manage your processes with Version control, Approvals and Publishing

“This was essential for empowering the team to take on important decisions at a regional level ”
– Audit and Compliance Manager, Bovis Homes

Clarify exactly who is responsible for what

Our integrated roles and responsibilities mapping supports RACI / RAPID / RATSI among many others. Quickly tag roles in your process according responsibility level so you can clarify who owns what.

Instantly create a roles and responsibility (RACI) matrix or analyse responsibility levels across all roles.

View your own role and see which activities you are responsible for.

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Empower your team

Ensure that all processes are owned and ownership is clearly visible to all. Apply version control to changes and ask the owner to approve before publishing.

Keep everyone on the same page with the most up-to-date version of their ways of working.

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Never Miss a Thing

Keep track of all changes so you can compare with historical versions or roll back when necessary.

Monitor how users interact with your business operating model. Track views, edits and changes to measure engagement.

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