Zoom in and out to understand how things work at different levels.

Everything you capture during discovery sessions is a valuable asset that describes how the company works at different levels and from different perspectives.

Make that information available to the whole team so they search and explore the business, how it works and where they sit in the bigger picture.

  • Cloud based, share with everyone in the business
  • Zoom in and out of the detail to level you need
  • Search by activity, role, outcome or keyword

“Skore has become an integral part of our company’s Intranet, helping different business units work to a common standard”
– Chris Jones, Compliance and Audit Manager, Bovis Homes


Skore is a cloud based service designed with security and scalability in mind. User groups and access rights ensure you can control who has access to what when you deploy Skore globally.

Users can access Skore through a browser on all devices including laptops, tablets and mobile.

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Zoom in and out of the detail

Different levels of the organisation need to describe work at different levels of details.

Skore allows you to create new levels of detail at the click of a button. All levels are automatically linked together to create an integrated model of how the organisation works.

Anyone in the company can zoom in and out of the detail as required.

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Organise for accessibility

Make it easy for users to find information by organising the content in your workspace into tags.

Tags make it easier to group and search for process models.

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