Are communication problems and misunderstanding impacting your profits?

Every effective organisation shares a common understanding of how things work. You can reach a common understanding by collaboratively building a common language within and across teams.

Skore provides a simple framework that enables you to build a comprehensive description of how your organisation works that everyone can read and understand.

  • A guided and structured approach that anyone can use
  • Zoom in and out of the detail for different levels of the organisational hierarchy
  • An integrated framework that shows relationships between different teams, departments, roles & regions

“Skore is both constrained and liberated by its simple methodology”
-Regional Police Force


The Skore approach is based on two simple building blocks that anyone can read and apply.

The What box is used to describe what happens and who does it.

The Why box, or ‘so that?’, identifies the value that each step delivers to the end customer.

These simple questions ensure that a team accurately describes work and quickly identifies non-value adding steps.

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Zoom in and out of the detail

Different levels of the organisation need to describe work at different levels of details.

Skore allows you to create new levels of detail at the click of a button. All levels are automatically linked together to create an integrated model of how the organisation works.

Anyone in the company can zoom in and out of the detail as required.

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Make it Visual

Enrich your model with visual clues and indicators by adding Icons and Images.

With over 500 icons available in the library, drag and drop the icon you need on to the page.

Use icons to identify key steps, compliance points, business controls or as buttons to related information.

Can’t find what you need in the icon library? Add your own images and logos to the image library and drop them in your business operating model.

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Create a consistent experience

Skore provides a number of tools to help you create a consistent experience for everyone in the organisation.

Page and style templates ensure the basics look the same no matter who creates and builds on the model.

Pre-define common roles to avoid spelling mistakes or duplication.

Variables allow you to reuse common text without rewriting it every time.

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