Quickly identify process improvements that make a real impact.

During your discovery workshops you’ll generate lots of ideas, you’ll identify bottlenecks and workarounds. These are captured, as you go, directly into Skore in the context of the business process.

You can view and analyse these insights as soon as you’ve finished the capture exercise and share with the rest of the team. This will help you make informed decisions about where to focus your improvement efforts and how to prioritise them

  • Ask questions and explore what-if scenarios
  • Uncover hidden patterns in the business
  • Identify actionable insights and make informed decisions

“We identified 80 days of waste in addition to the original business case”
– Training Manager at a National Construction Company

Instant insights into your business

As you capture processes in Skore you can see instant insights that tell you how complex they are, where the gaps are, how roles are utilised and whether you have the right people in the right places.

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In-depth analysis using your favourite tool

The built in reporting lets you look at the activities, roles and attachments from different perspectives. Focus on the work, the people, the systems or any predefined data you have used in the model.

Reports can be exported for use in your favourite visual analytics tool.

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Real time what-if scenarios

Our API means you can connect your favourite BI tool directly to Skore and see the impact of changes to your business operating model.

Perfect for running what-if scenarios in real time.


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