Re-imagining Business Process Discovery

An exciting new way to capture processes, engage teams and improve businesses. Do you understand how Skore works? Watch our video below.

Collaborative Process Workshops

Skore is the first purpose built process workshop tool. It’s designed to rapidly capture business processes in engaging collaborative workshops. No need for taking photos, using sticky notes or writing them up later, your processes are captured straight into the system.

What has taken months elsewhere, took weeks in Skore, and has resulted in a real asset for the University.”
– Head of Student Systems, UK University

Zoom in and out of the detail

Create strategic level processes and drill down into the high level steps until you reach the level of detail you need. Your processes are perfectly aligned and integrated. Search by role, activity, outcome and keywords.

“Skore has become an integral part of our company’s Intranet, helping different business units work to a common standard”
– Chris Jones, Compliance and Audit Manager, Bovis Homes

Hierarchy of Skore Process

Instantly create job descriptions

As soon as you’ve captured your processes you can create detailed job descriptions at the click of a button. Understand handovers, roles, responsibilities (e.g. RACI) and utilisation. Clarify who is responsible for what.

“Keeping our RACI matrix in synch with our processes was a full time job… Skore removes that”
– Transformation Director

Capture requirements, issues, risks, ideas and controls

All your process related information can be recorded directly against the process steps and stored in one place. Identify which activities take the longest and cost the most, how costs are distributed and what are the delays affecting efficiency. Simple reports allow you to quickly extract the information in the context of the process and understand the impact of cost and time.

“This was essential for empowering the team to take on important decisions at a regional level”

Audit and Compliance Manager, Bovis Homes

Share and collaborate

All your process information is securely stored in one place and can be shared with anyone anywhere through a Web browser. Collect and action feedback from your colleagues and customers.

“Skore also enables us to work very collaboratively and seamlessly with our clients”

Daniel Lawrence, Managing Director, Lawrence and Wedlock

Interactive process portal

Make your processes available to the whole company to use as training and compliance. All processes can be approved and published by process owners with a history of changes.

Skore's Continuous Improvemtent Approach


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