Skore and Marjolo – Delivering Groundbreaking Business Transformation 

In Early 2018 Marjolo and Skore embarked on the beginning of a partner relationship that would transform their own business practices and the scope for innovative transformation projects.

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Marjolo Skore Case Study

Deliver More Value For Your Customers

A2Z Cloud use Skore to help their customers understand their own business better. In doing so they help their customer better articulate the challenges they face and as a result A2Z Cloud can provide better solutions. A2Z Cloud are a cloud consultancy and the UKs number 1 Zoho implementation partner.

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Bovis Homes – Know How

UK national home builder Bovis Homes use Skore to standardise ways of working across multiple sites in 7 regional business units. It helps them identify best practices in one area and quickly implement these across all their digital platforms.

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Improving Mental Health Services

Skore has been used to improve patient experience in Mental Health services in London, UK. The programme team were able to drastically reduce the amount of travel undertaken by patients thereby improving the experience.

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Growth Through Better Communication

Technology monitoring company Highlight use Skore to clarify roles and responsibilities and handover between teams. A company with ambitious growth plans, Highlight need to keep everyone aligned and on the same page.

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Building a Sustainable Future at Hull College

Branded as MCA Map Pro, Skore is used to improve the end-to-end experience for students, apprentices, employers and employees.

“MCA Map Pro has been integral to identifying opportunities to improve performance. It will be instrumental in the sustainable future of HCG”
Michelle Swithenbank, CEO, Hull College Group

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