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As well as one of the first G Suite partners in the UK, Foxability is a leading UK Xero App Integrator, recommended by Xero, they help companies to decide which software applications will serve their business best. Foxability enables companies to be fearless about the Cloud and allows organisations to automate the everyday boring processes in their business, saving them time and money.

Understanding a Client’s Business

Foxability understood early on that mapping the processes of their client’s business was a vital tool to client success. Having previously used sticky notes and a drawing software to try to understand the workings of each business, Jonathan Fox, Director of Foxability, was looking for a simpler standardised approach that he could use with any client that they would clearly understand. Skore was the answer.

The team at Foxability use Skore, the process mapping and improvement software, to kick start new projects. Meeting with new clients, they are able to sketch out the business together, live, to understand the Whos, Whats, Where, Whys and Hows of their organisation.. Skore allows them to rapidly see the current state and understand what the client would like to have in the future. Foxability uses Skore to understand the flow of money and the flow of data through the business. 

“We chose Skore due to ease and simplicity, we could instantly see how we could quickly explain to new clients how it worked in a workshop, get them to use it and make sure we had a consistent, yet straightforward approach.”

Needing to gather requirements quickly from a client, Skore is now used in all their process workshops. 

“We are able to map out a high level process with the customer in 90 minutes. The business owners understand it perfectly on the screen and they’ve gained valuable insights. Skore bridges the knowledge gap when we start working with a new client and ensures we are the experts in their business from the first meeting. ‘

Using Skore provides tangible benefits to any organisation with instant analysis and the knowledge they gain about their business but in addition it builds relationships with new clients rapidly. This was something that Foxability felt lacked in traditional time consuming approaches to process mapping. 

 “We’ve built an incredible amount of trust with them in a short period of time, we’ve had meaningful conversations and now we can show that we understand their business’.

Deep and meaningful analysis

The simple framework also allows Foxability to capture any extra information that may help them when advising on the best software applications for the client. They can input costs, risks, opportunities, requirements, responsibilities and anything else that might be specific to the business they are working with. 

Skore’s simple two box framework means that people are quickly describing their process using the language of Skore within the first workshop. The Foxability team are not only able to understand the processes but also show them where they can start making improvements thanks to Skore’s analytical dashboards, instantly created as soon as you start mapping the process. Mapping out the business processes in this format not only helps Foxability to understand the client business quickly but also means they are able to communicate with software vendors clearly about their needs. Vendors are then able to easily produce demos tailored to their clients and all parties are referring to the same, easy to read, requirement details.

As Skore is a cloud based application it is also instantly shareable and comes with version control so anything can be added at any time it needs be or rolled back. Skore can also be used as a user manual for the business, storing all the knowledge for the business and is a perfect training tool for teaching employees how to use new software or for onboarding new staff. 

Identify and Implement Change 

“What we love about Skore is the value it brings to our organisation as well as the client’s” 

For Foxability, only half the work is helping clients find the right software to automate a process in their organisation. Often more challenging is persuading or demonstrating to clients the need for change or to implement a solution. 

“Skore enables clients to go through the process discovery themselves, they see the pains but even more importantly, they discover them themselves in the workshops. They feel they are listened too and can immediately see the value of change.”

Skore enables organisations to see the long term gain over the short term pain and this is a vital part of change management. For Foxability and for any business, large or small, this ability to appreciate change and adaptation gives them a strong competitive advantage in an uncertain climate. 

To find out more about how easy it is to get started using Skore sign up for a free trial and start mapping processes in minutes. You can also take our free training to become a master in your field.