You invest a lot of time and money in software projects that promise to transform the business but end up delivering late and no one using it


Of projects fail to deliver the expected outcomes

This happens when:

  • Teams aren’t ready to get started
  • Key requirements haven’t been delivered
  • The new software doesn’t solve the pains of the business


Faster discovery than traditional methods

With Skore you can:

  • Easily align everyone on the key changes and how they will be impacted
  • Rapidly identify hidden requirements and constraints
  • Help the business identify and clearly articulate pains

You are:

Implementing Software in Your Business

  • The business can’t clearly articulate their requirements
  • Unexpected requirements appear late in the project
  • The vendor delivers the wrong thing
  • Extended time lines lead to lack of confidence and business engagement
  • Operating the new software is more complicated than expected

Supporting Your Customers Implementing Software in their Business

  • Customer blames you for the problems
  • Project profit is squeezed trying to get it delivered
  • Customers don’t renew
  • Your customer doesn’t want any additional solutions you can offer
  • Customer requires unreasonably high levels of aftercare / support

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