From App Advisor to Trusted Advisor

Being a trusted advisor is more than just advising your clients on which apps to use.

What if you could help your client articulate their most painful business problems and show them a clear path to future growth? What if you were the first person they call the next time they needed help?

Check out our App Advisory How To Guide

New to App Advisory or just want to brush up your skills? Our How To guide breaks down our years of experience implementing software systems into simple steps you can use on your next project.

App Advisory How To Guide

Benefits to your clients:

Increase Efficiency

Highlight your client’s manual processes and show them hidden costs that are slowing them down.

Unlock Potential

Show your client the apps that will help them grow and how these fit into their business.

Scale Up

Teach your client how to build and maintain scalable processes that take their business to the next level.

Benefits to you and your practice:

Grow YOUR Business

The deeper you understand your client’s business the more help they will want from you and your team.

Stay Relevant

The more pain you can identify and remove for your client the more they want you to stick around.

Repeat Business

With such a deep insight into your client’s business you can provide ongoing advisory services to keep them sharp.

How It Works

Skore makes it super easy for you to map out your client’s processes, save them on the cloud and share securely.

Understand the Business

You need to understand your client’s business as quickly as possible; what do they do, how they make money and where they spend it.

This sets the context for how to understand their processes. Skore provides you with the “Business on a Page” tool to structure that conversation and start building a solution framework in minutes.

Download a free copy of the Business on a Page >>

Map the Processes

The “Business on a Page” tells you which parts of the business deal with money. Now you need to map those processes so you know how the money flows through the business. Skore’s simple framework and intuitive software means you can map processes in conversation with your client.

They’ll tell what they do today, what they find difficult and what they’d like to improve, all within an hour or two. This is where the magic happens!


There are lots of ways to help a client so which opportunities should you focus on?

Use Skore’s Quantify feature to show the cost of the current process in time and money. Then explore the savings that can be made by bringing in the right apps. This not only helps prioritise the work but also demonstrates clear and quantifiable benefits for the client.

Select Apps

Find the apps that meet the needs of the client based on their processes. Arrange demonstrations and trials using these processes so that the client can see how they will work for their business rather than generic examples they don’t recognise.

Implement and Train

Configure the apps based on the processes you have agreed with the client so that everyone is perfectly aligned. Once the apps are working you can train the team on the new processes and even give them access so that they can reference them later and update them as things change.

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