Capture business processes at the speed of conversation

Map at the speed of conversation

Skore’s intuitive interface and built in shortcuts mean anyone can map processes in a live conversational environment such as a process workshop.

Keep everyone focused

It’s hard to keep people focused and engaged in online meetings with so much to distract us. With Skore’s simple guided approach for describing business processes, participants can self facilitate and co-create process maps at the speed of conversation.

Share easily and instantly

Skore is a web based software which means you can instantly share processes with participants before, during or after a workshop. Anyone with a web browser and an internet connection can access processes anywhere at anytime.

Gather feedback and comments

Collect feedback using the in built commenting feature. Users can comment on a whole process or individual boxes. Comments can be checked off as soon as the feedback has been implemented.

What else can you do with Skore?

Roles and responsibility modelling (RACI)

Create instant job descriptions

Cost and time analysis

Approvals and version control

Process discovery for Robotic Process Automation

Lean analysis

What is Skore used for?

Software implementation projects

Digital transformation

Continuous improvement

Quality and standards

Risk and compliance

Target operating model analysis and design


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