Our next online event is Thursday 24th June 2021 at 5.00pm UK

“Why People/Process/Technology* led change or transformation will never work’. * Delete as Appropriate

Integrating People, Process and Technology has never been more important. In this new remote world of working, getting the balance and the tools right is key. Join us and our panel of experts as we explore how to engage and align our teams to ensure successful change in organisations


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Skrum April 2021

Our April Event focused on the topic ‘Consulting without Boundaries’ and how the Pandemic had disrupted the Consulting World. We examined the opportunities and threats facing Consultants and End Customers. To find out more about Skrum – read our latest write up below!

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Skrum is open to anyone who is looking to learn or meet others working to improve the performance of organisations. Events are both face-to-face and now online.

If you are looking for an informal, friendly and collaborative event… Skrum is for you. 


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