Skrum was originally set up by the founders of Skore who recognised a demand for like minded professionals to get together informally, exchange ideas and learning. What started as a small get together is evolving into a well respected informative and educational event.

This isn’t just networking, we’re building a community…

Skrum is run across the UK midweek and is open to anyone who is looking to learn or meet others working to improve the performance of organisations.

If you are looking for an informal, friendly and collaborative event… Skrum is for you. 

Our next meetings are:

London on the 14th January 2020

Our speakers will be:

Sam Leitch – Adroit Associates – ‘To Hull and Back – the £54 Million Restructure’

Dave Chapman – Cloud Reach – ‘Head in the Clouds – Cloud Migration’

Laura Copas & Steve Sewell – Get Real Change – ‘Managing Complex Change in the NHS’

Sheffield on the 10th March 2020

Speakers will be announced in the coming weeks

Skrum November Event

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