Business Transformation in the Cloud.

A2Z Cloud is a specialist in transforming businesses with cloud based technologies. For the last 6 years the team have focused on delivering innovative business transformation solutions based on the Zoho platform. This provides businesses with a complete suite of intelligent automation solutions. These can be configured and integrated to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Standing out from the crowd

With over 35 years of experience in software sales A2Z Managing Director Lucy Beck understands the importance of delivering a solution that exceeds the customer’s expectation. This is especially true in the age of cloud technologies and Software-as-a-Service platforms where customers can easily move from one solution to another as part of business transformation initiatives.

In order to differentiate A2Z from other cloud technology service companies Lucy set out to establish an approach that focused on developing the customer’s business rather than simply implementing a solution. She wanted her customers to really take a look at their own business, think about where they are heading, what’s slowing them down and, therefore, what a real solution could look like.

Discovering how a business works

In 2016 Lucy introduced the Skore software platform to her team. Led by Kieron Jones, the team quickly adopted the approach. With support from the Skore team A2Z use Skore to help their customers really understand what makes their business tick.

Skore helps them build a holistic picture of people, processes and technologies and the client’s readiness for change. On top of this the A2Z team capture both functional and non-functional requirements, business issues, risks and improvement ideas, all into a single model.

Everything the team captures in Skore is shared instantly with the customer for further improvement and collaboration. This helps unlock further potential and improvements in their business and A2Z can offer more value.

“Every project we use Skore on grows beyond the original scope and adds more value to the customer than they expected.”

Sustainable solutions

Once the solution has been designed in Skore, and then developed in Zoho, the Skore model can be embedded into Zoho and used as training material. This allows an ongoing relationship to form between A2Z and their customer and a clear basis on which to build future improvements.

Using Skore has enabled A2Z to comprehensively understand the customers’ business and their requirements. There are no hidden surprises halfway through a project and everyone involved has visibility.

This combination of the A2Z skills and expertise, the Zoho platform and the Skore software has led to significant growth for A2Z and satisfied customers. The business has ambitious growth plans and with a renewed confidence is successfully tackling larger and larger customer projects.

Watch the video to learn more about how Skore works with A2Z.

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