Our Freedom pricing model is based on the number of users. You get the same features and functionality with all plans and all user but the more users you add the better the discount. That gives everyone in your organisation the freedom to use all features whenever they want!

Monthly Yearly








Per user per month

Per user per year








Starting at 10 users per month

Starting at 10 users per year








Starting at 100 users per month

Starting at 100 users per year



1000+ users


Our Freedom pricing model gives you the most flexibility but some companies may benefit from using our Traditional plan. In our Traditional plan different user types cost different amounts but have restrictions on available features. Contact us if you would like a quote for our Traditional plan.

SKORE Desktop

Software for Mac & PC

Skore desktop is ideal for analysts and consultants on the move. No need to be connected to the internet.
Processes can be downloaded and uploaded to Skore web when needed.

Features Include

  • Rapid process discovery

  • Instant analytics

  • Flexible reporting

  • Add Images and styles to diagrams

  • Attach links, text, images and videos

  • Full text search

One off purchase

Capture and analyze processes, create ways of working and share throughout your organization.

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