Introduction to Skore for Editors and Business / Process Analysts

Get an overview of the Skore platform and learn about what makes it different from other popular tools.

In short, Skore is a process improvement platform for organisations wishing to embed and scale continuous process improvement. With strategic end-to-end views, powerfully simple approach, integrated analytics and change management capability, Skore makes you more efficient, more effective and more connected to the whole organisation.

Audience: Process Editors and Analysts

Duration: 7 minutes 30 seconds

Universal Process Notation (UPN)

Skore is built around the simple but powerful Universal Process Notation (UPN). Recommended by some of the worlds leading tech companies, UPN is a user friendly and accessible way to describe and model complex business processes without losing any of the detail.

This module introduces the basic building blocks of UPN in preparation for using Skore.

Audience: Process Editors and Analysts

Duration: 3 minutes 56 seconds

Process Mapping Basics in Skore

Learn how to add a process in Skore to create flowcharts with multiple layers and additional information and build rich interactive process models that are not just informative but valuable to end users.

Audience: Process Editors and Analysts

Duration: 15 minutes 42 seconds

Mapping at the speed of conversation – Using Skore in live workshops

Skore’s intuitive interface and the powerful UPN provides the perfect solution to capturing processes in a live collaborative workshop. UPN structures conversation and draws out the important nuances and insights that drive sustainable change. Skore intuitive interface allows editors to capture discussions as they unfold without lengthy write ups or translation afterward.

This module describes how to use Skore and UPN to drive those discussions as well as tips and tricks for running live workshops.

Audience: Process Editors, Analysts and Workshop Facilitators

Duration: 28 minutes 03 seconds

Publishing a Process in Skore

Publishing a process in Skore puts it under version control so you can confidently track and demonstrate changes over time.

With built in Approval you can drive ownership and accountability by getting the right people to put their name against the published version so that everyone knows they are using the latest official version of every process.

Audience: Process Editors and Analysts

Duration: 8 minutes 38 seconds