Are you responsible for delivering successful transformation, or part of a team delivering sustainable change?

At least 2 times faster for discovery

Our customers and partners tell us they can discover processes and understand current capabilities in less the half the time it takes using MS Visio + Excel + Word. That’s not just a time saving but a significant cost saving when you consider the time each subject matter expert is involved in the discovery phase.

This fast and simple approach means stakeholders are engaged more, earlier in the process. And less time spent in meetings means more time spent defining the current challenges and how to resolve them.

Engagement through simplicity

Skore is based on a simple yet robust framework that makes it easy to gather, categorise and link all the information that describes how an organisation works. This model provides an intuitive map of processes, people, systems and other information that is accessible to all.

All the information is stored in the cloud so you can collaborate and share from a single source of the truth. Securely access the information from anywhere and share insights, communicate changes and train the team.


Do you understand the current situation enough to deliver the right transformation?

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