Are you delivering DIGITAL transformation or automation?

Does it sometimes feel like your customer doesn’t know what they really want? They don’t always share critical information early enough or they’re not ready at crucial stages of the project? You’re working late and weekends to finish off customer projects?

Know your customer better than they know themselves

Skore is based on a simple yet robust framework that makes it easy to gather, categorise and link all the information that describes how an organisation works. This model challenges the business to think about what really happens, what’s slowing things down and where things could be improved.

Using this approach you help your customer unpack how their business works today so that you’re not relying on what they tell you but what’s actually going on. You can then advise them on what they really need and the true scope of the solution you can offer.

This puts you in the driving seat and prevents nasty surprises and scope creep late in the project.

Digital First with Digital Discovery

Our customers tell us they can perform discovery up to 5 times faster than traditional methods (MS Visio + Excel + Word + PowerPoint). That delivers cost savings of up to 75% for the customer when the time required by Managers, Subject Matter Experts and other workers is taken into account.

What’s more customer’s love the digital first experience that lets them focus on describing their work and how it delivers value to their clients. All the information gathered is stored in a single integrated model that makes it easy to identify gaps and understand the impact of changes.

You can securely access all the information online through a web browser.


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