Are you delivering DIGITAL transformation or automation?

Does it feel like your customers and colleagues don’t know what they really want? They don’t share critical information or they’re not ready? You’re working late and weekends? Was enough time provided for the critical discovery phase, or was it skipped altogether?

5 Times Faster Than Traditional Approaches

Our customers tell us they can perform discovery up to 5 times faster than traditional methods (MS Visio + Excel + Word + PowerPoint). That delivers cost savings of up to 75% for the customer when the time required by Managers, Subject Matter Experts and other workers is taken into account.

What’s more customer’s love the digital workshop experience that lets them focus on describing their work and how it delivers value to their clients. A Digital Discovery workshop leaves your team engaged in the process and energised to deliver the project.

Become an Expert with Deeper Insights

Users of Skore quickly become known as the experts in any process they touch. The rapid discovery and insights mean they can instantly generate business requirements, improvement suggestions, job descriptions and even quantify cost and time savings. All at the click of a button.

These insights make it easy to identify and quantify benefits, communicate these to the wider team and even find hidden benefits that add to the success of your projects.


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