Simple Activity Based Costing

Note. See how we recommend using Activity Based Costing with Analytics.

We hadn’t intended Skore app to be used in this way but a few weeks ago I was asked to help estimate how long the team would spend on a simple little project. It made sense to sketch out the key steps in Skore app and I quickly realised we could perform some simple activity based costing too. It was really quick, the estimates might not be perfect but at least we could easily explain how we arrived at it. I thought this might be useful for others.

1. Capture process

We had four high level steps so we quickly put these in Skore and used the detail view to break each step into more detail. After a short discussion we were all aligned on what each step would entail.

2. Add durations

Next we estimated how long each of the detailed steps would take in hours. We then added this to each Whatbox using the attachments. You can add simple text attachments to each Whatbox so this is exactly what we did adding just the number of hours.

3. Export data

The report feature, under the Export menu, lists all the Whatboxes and their attachments. As long as you only use the attachments to capture hours then you’ll have a neat column of hours against the Whatboxes. I used the advanced filtering to remove any rows that did not contain durations, you can see this in the video below.

4. Calculate costs

We did some very simple costing by adding up the total duration. We also calculated the cost of each step by adding the hourly cost of each resource and then multiplied that by the duration. I created a simple spreadsheet template and attached it below so you can download and use it too.

If you have any questions please post them below.

Download the simple Skore ABC Excel Template (.XLSX).

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