Solve your Recruitment Issues

Re-evaluate your current workforce and take the pain out of your recruitment problems

With the great resignation in full swing and recruitment harder than ever it can feel like you’re spending all your time trying to fill vacant positions with little success. However – have you considered how much could actually be picked up by your existing team without actually hiring anyone new? You could solve your recruitment issues without having to incur high costs or your precious time.

Our clients regularly free up between 10% and 20% of their time by simply mapping out their processes. Typical time savings include realising how often we manually copy information from one file to another or producing reports that no one reads. It’s incredible how a few simple changes to the way you do business can have a massive impact on freeing up time for your people to do the really important stuff. 

The reality is that our work changes all the time and if we don’t regularly take a step back to ensure it still makes sense we quickly end up doing work that adds no value. The exercise of mapping your processes, in flow charts, exposes this hidden waste. It helps people share best practice and challenge why things are done and realise whether they still should be.

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What’s more, your process maps can then act as instructions when you hire people. This means they can be effective as soon as possible. It makes life easier for people and helps them focus on doing a great job ensuring they stay around for the long term.

The challenge for many businesses is that process mapping can be seen as something technical, that requires a lot of expertise and a lot of time to do. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. Skore is based on a very clear and effective 2 shape approach that asks the important questions, what happens? who does it? and why?

With a simple and intuitive interface, almost anyone can start creating rich process flow charts. They can be used to quickly identify wasted effort and to train new starters. Once you have mapped your process you can share them easily with colleagues and measure them to see how long they take. This means you can automatically identify the activities that take up the most time and see how much time you can save by removing or changing them.

Screenshot of Skore Software that illustrates how it can be used to solve recruitment issues

Solve your Recruitment Issues

Within days you could be calculating savings of up to 20% in individual processes. These quickly add up and equate to having a whole new person in the business without the costly pain and effort of recruiting a new member of staff and training them. A simple quick win solution to your major recruitment headache. Sign up for a free 14 day trial here.

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