3 Success Stories Using Business Process Management Software

Business process management software is a necessity for any business looking to grow and succeed.

Mapping processes allow businesses to be organized, understand what is happening and detect areas of improvement and opportunities for growth. 

Without visualizing these processes, it is very difficult to find pain points or stop gaps in places where things could be improved. Anything from a task duplicating unnecessarily to finding time-saving processes can be seen a lot clearer when you visualize and capture processes.

And with the software available on the market, it is no longer necessary to do all of this with sticky notes, paper, and pen. 

Instead, you can have all of this information easily accessible on cloud-based software for the entire company, with relevant teams and departments having access to relevant content or areas in which they need to engage with others. 

It has become a lot easier, and we can prove it.

We have had several successful case studies here at Skore, illustrating exactly how much a good business process management software can make a difference for companies and businesses of all kinds. 

But today we wanted to highlight and share three specific success stories from three different clients that demonstrate this even further.

The NHS 

Our first success story is related to mental health services for children and young adults

Three NHS Trusts in South London ran a New Models of Care pilot program in 2017. It was aimed at bettering the experiences children and youths had during inpatient placements by Mental Health Services. It was posited that by reducing the distance young people and their families had to travel to these placements, the well-being of the patient would see a drastic improvement.

They worked with Change Platform Consulting to run a series of workshops to arrive at this conclusion, and its solution. During the workshops, they studied the process and found places where it could use some tweaking for improvement by using Skore as one of their tools.

Because of Skore’s simplicity, the consulting group went back to the basics of their processes. It challenged them to think of why certain processes worked the way they did, in what way, led by whom, and who else should be involved. 

While these might seem simple, questions such as these uncover how a process is working, and where it can be improved. They are absolutely vital to establishing new processes and improving on old ones.

And this is exactly what Skore was able to help them do.

Because of the approach to process management we take at Skore, taking everything down to the original groundwork, it was possible to rework and study established processes and find their flaws. No process is forever perfect, as they have to change and evolve with time, and this is why having everything as simple and clear as possible is best.

It makes it easy to find the places that are having a domino effect on the rest of the process, and come up with ways to fix them. 

It also makes it easy for everyone to understand who is doing what, when, and why. 

Due to the fact that it is cloud-based and collaborative, everyone who needs to know can access and see it as well. 

Thanks to partnering together to study the current processes, there was a 90% increase in the use of inpatient wards by local children and youth. Along with this, a 12% underspend against budget and a 75% reduction in children and youth staying outside the South London area. 

And these results came about solely in the first 9 months.

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Scrutton Bland

Business process management software can be used in any field, and our next success story proves it by switching gears.

Accounting firm Scrutton Bland had to undergo some changes due to the UK Government’s Making Tax Digital initiative. They realized that they needed to get ahead of the curve and begin to study how to digitize their current processes to stay competitive and deliver great service to their customers.

Their solution?

Bring in Skore to involve their clients directly in the business process management.

They developed SB Digital as a service to aid clients in improving their business processes with the latest technology available. 

To show them exactly how this would work, SB Digital called on Skore for support. Skore is used by the team when they’re working through the processes with their clients. They go through the business process mapping together and are able to show them as they review the steps where they see room for improvement.

By doing this in tandem with them, clients are able to readily understand their reasoning at the moment. They see their current systems mapped and how long it is taking them to finish certain activities, and SB Digital is able to pinpoint these savings with them. Together, they are then finding solutions to the issues they come across.

For the clients, it becomes a clear set of steps and task lists to improve upon their existing processes, and seeing them visually mapped out helps them envision what they are working towards. And mapping out how they will look improved makes them even more determined and willing to take on the necessary steps.

Once again, Skore’s visualization of processes and simplicity makes this possible. SB Digital is not making complicated process maps for each individual client based on their industry, but instead using UPN with the Skore tool across multiple clients.

And they are not relying on analogue means.

Both the client and the SB Digital team can refer back to the maps when needed, without having to hunt down a specific sticky note or drawing from several years ago. 

Thanks to Skore’s collaborative, simple approach as a business process management software, the team at SB Digital is able to truly communicate their suggestions to their clients in real-time, and show them realistic, attainable results to work towards.


Skore worked with Cielo, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company, to improve communication between the Client and Project Teams. They want to make sure that their clients are attracting the best candidates possible. So the goal for their project in  Skore was to onboard new clients faster while maintaining high-quality and efficient services.

This was because their current tools were complicated and rigid. By utilising Skore, the simplicity, ease, and collaborative nature of the software for business process management made it a lot easier for both Cielo and their clients to find common ground.

This is because Cielo begins its onboarding process by reviewing their client’s current recruitment process, looking for improvement opportunities that meet best practice models. They were able to use Skore for this part of the process when working with their clients, and soon began to adapt it to other aspects of their business.

From work stream to client engagement and organisational structures, Skore covered all the bases that Cielo needed to create rapport with their clients. Because of how flexible and simple Skore is as a tool, Cielo was able to change and shift parts of processes in tandem with their clients instead of creating a new process flow constantly. 

By showing clients a process map that then includes additional components about each aspect of each specific process in real-time, the team at Cielo was able to make their presentations and conversations with clients a lot more engaging. The software made it possible to draw the attention of the clients a lot more to the high-level decisions and opportunities than the pages of details in a process map.

All clients can follow along and sign off at the moment instead of having to take homework home. It makes the life of business analysts a lot easier to have all stakeholders and leaders involved engaged and at the moment as they are presenting.

Cielo also began to implement Skore internally, to help train their team and create processes for recruitment. And to talk to each other more.

Because it is one software with the same notation, all the company teams are able to contribute and communicate on Skore. It makes it significantly easier for teams to understand each other’s rhythm and tasks, and to work together. And it also makes it possible to find places in their own processes where they can improve, such as by adopting new tools and technologies.

Skore can be consulted anytime for clarification, as all the information is easily accessible so that all teams can access it for both themselves and their clients. Especially as they start adding improvements to existing processes.

With Skore, Cielo has optimized not only their client’s business processes but also their own, using business process management software and moving away from the pen and paper methodology of the past.


Business process management software is the future, and it is here to stay.

All of our clients have encountered success and growth following the implementation of Skore in their day-to-day processes, even from a quick consultation.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and know where you can improve and grow your business, just as our clients have, get in touch today to book a demo and access a free trial of Skore!