Harnessing the Power of Technology

Creating a clear roadmap to deliver tangible benefits and predictable return on investment in Digital Transformation.

Over the last decade the accounting profession has undergone considerable change. This was driven largely by the UK Government backed initiative Making Tax Digital (MTD) and the rapidly expanding accounting technology industry. Businesses across the globe have been digitising all aspects of their business, including Finance functions, at an ever increasing pace.

The Partners at Scrutton Bland realised early on that they needed to be at the forefront of this change to ensure that they stayed competitive and continued to deliver an exceptional service to clients that represented great value for money.

In 2018 Ryan Pearcy joined Scrutton Bland as Business Advisory Director to head up this initiative. The SB Digital service was designed to help clients optimise their business by improving processes and underpinned by the latest technology.

Ryan is a qualified accountant ​​and highly knowledgeable digital technology specialist who is passionate about using that knowledge to help businesses become more profitable and efficient. He comments:

“The challenge for many of our clients is justifying the spend on new technologies and knowing exactly where to target that investment. Is it just their finance processes or does it impact other parts of their business too? Historically that has been difficult for them to demonstrate.’

Ryan also highlights that clients always want to know how long it would take to see a return on their investment before they made any decisions. ‘This is an additional challenge’ he says. ‘Every business is different and deploys technology in different ways.’ 

The team at SB Digital therefore partnered with Skore to support them in helping their clients understand the process mapping process and building a business case. The SB Digital team maps each client’s processes in Skore and are then able to enrich the information by adding in the client’s existing systems and noting the length of time taken for different activities.

“We can demonstrate to clients the areas where cost savings can be made, and which process can be made more efficient. Once they understand this, they are compelled to act.” says Ryan.

“Not only can this exercise show how much the client will save, but they can also clearly see the steps they need to take to achieve their objectives. The biggest value for our clients is undoubtedly to be able to clearly see the difference between the old and the new. They can easily envisage what will change, and the positive impact these changes will have on their business.”

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