Get the most out of the Xero Ecosystem – 12 Nov 2020

Do you know how to get the most out of the 800 plus apps in the Xero Ecosystem and which ones to recommend to your clients?

Do you need to gain confidence rapidly and be able to show clients the insights they need?

Can you easily build trust and get clients to accept change in the way they work and tools they use?

We will show you how.

Skore (the Process Improvement software) and Foxability (Xero App Integrator) will show you how to rapidly understand your clients business. We will guide you through how to produce a roadmap of their business within two hours. A library that you and they can use for training, onboarding and quality control.

Show that you are the expert in their field and use our tactics for success with your clients from day one. 

Join our free webinar here -Thursday 12th November at 1pm (GMT)