Skore Foxability Webinar

How to help your client get the most out of the Xero Ecosystem

Skore are delighted to offer a free webinar in partnership with Foxability in September

As an accountant or advisor to your clients you need to build trust quickly. Many of your clients know that they need to change either the way they work or the tools they use but they don’t know how to or they find it difficult to accept.

How do you gain that confidence rapidly and show your clients the insights they need to make their business more successful? In this webinar we show you how you can gain that edge and provide clarity to your clients from the first meeting together. Within less than two hours you can produce the blueprint for their business and give them the confidence to start automating more of their business through Xero connected apps straight away.

We’ll show you how to rapidly discover business processes in an easy and fun way that the company can then use as a library for training, onboarding, ensuring quality and keeping their business processes running smoothly. Demonstrate to your clients why you are the expert in this field and use our tactics so that your clients can reap the benefits from day one.

Join Craig Willis, CEO of Skore and Jonathan Fox, Director of Foxability and Xero App Integrator in our webinar and find out more. Use the link below to sign up.

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