Webinar 27/10/20 – How to size your teams in times of uncertainty

Growing organisations recognise that there will always be fluctuations in demand for products and services. Whether its a sharp increase or a sudden drop off, it’s essential they can respond quickly and have the right team in place.

If you are uncertain about how change will impact you over the coming months then sign up to our free webinar. Craig Willis, Co-Founder and CEO of Skore, will show you how using Skore can help you explore different scenarios. Understand what team you need to deal with changes in sales volumes or interruptions in your supply chain.

Skore’s process costing and simulation functionality allows you to rapidly model and simulate processes to help you understand the impact on your business and plan your resources accordingly.

Skore Quantify FTE Analysis - Screenshot taken from Skore
Image taken from the Skore platform

Join us on a short webinar to learn more. Gain insights into your organisation and take back control of your business planning. Find out how Skore can help.

Sign up for the webinar here – Tuesday 27th October 2020

Join our Skore Connect Webinar – 06/10/20

Bridging the Gap with Skore Connect

Skore for MS Azure Devops

Do these questions sound familiar?

This project is taking much too long.

Do we really need processes and requirements?

We still cannot collaborate effectively

Why don’t my development team see everything?

The project is going to cost how much?!?!

If you recognise these then you’re probably struggling to bridge the gap between the Business and Development Teams.

Join Skore and Marjolo in a 30 minute conversation covering true business-led requirements capture and how to seamlessly integrate this with your development teams. There will be a 10 minute question and answer section at the end of the webinar.

Sign up for the Webinar on the 6th October 2020 at 11.00am BST

Skrum talks Community and Networking in September Event

On the 15th September 2020, Skore held their hugely popular Skrum event. Following the pandemic, these originally face to face events have moved online with the added benefit that Skrum are able to welcome even more people who previously would not have been able to attend due to geographical limitations.

With attendees based in the UK, South Africa and India, the online Skrum event focused even more on the need for the Digital Transformation community to reach out to each other, build connections and share learning. The theme, therefore, for this September session was Community.

Skrum welcomed attendees from all over the world

Skrum were really excited to welcome Niall Bodkin, founder of Shopism.com and the Co Founder of the eCommerce Association of Ireland, to talk to us about the power of community. Not only did he provide us all with insights about the success of the communities he has grown but this also provoked discussion and some great questions from our attendees.

Niall Bodkin, Founder of Shopism.com on the Power of Communities

Craig Willis , CEO of Skore, showcased to attendees the new Skore community with the objective of bringing together like minded individuals with a passion for Digital Transformation. The objective for the Skore community is to become a hub of knowledge not only of our own product but for the industry itself.

Craig Willis showcasing the new Skore Community

Skrum is always a great opportunity for the Skore team to meet with peers and make new connections. In this new era of working – the opportunity to network and share stories seems more important than ever. Thank you to our speakers for sharing and to our attendees for making Skrum the great event it is today.

If you’d like to learn more about the Skore Community – email us at [email protected]

Skore selected as a finalist in the South Coast Tech Awards.

Skore has been announced as a finalist in the Technology Award category for the South Coast Tech Awards. The annual awards ceremony, looking at companies based in the South or Solent region, recognises achievements in the tech industry.

Skore has been nominated for demonstrating significant improvements in the development of new technology or the use of technology in a new process including data analytics, robotics or Artificial Intelligence. In this instance Skore showcased how the Skore platform has delivered an innovative approach to process discovery for Intelligent Automation.

Craig Willis, CEO of Skore commented:

“It is a great honour to be nominated for the Technology Award and attests to the ground breaking approach that Skore has to readying organisations for growth and improvement. The Skore team has strived to ensure that our product delivers a service that no other can and I’m so proud to see that our hard work has been recognised.”

The South Coast Technology awards take place on the 7th October.

How to help your client get the most out of the Xero Ecosystem

Skore are delighted to offer a free webinar in partnership with Foxability in September

As an accountant or advisor to your clients you need to build trust quickly. Many of your clients know that they need to change either the way they work or the tools they use but they don’t know how to or they find it difficult to accept.

How do you gain that confidence rapidly and show your clients the insights they need to make their business more successful? In this webinar we show you how you can gain that edge and provide clarity to your clients from the first meeting together. Within less than two hours you can produce the blueprint for their business and give them the confidence to start automating more of their business through Xero connected apps straight away.

We’ll show you how to rapidly discover business processes in an easy and fun way that the company can then use as a library for training, onboarding, ensuring quality and keeping their business processes running smoothly. Demonstrate to your clients why you are the expert in this field and use our tactics so that your clients can reap the benefits from day one.

Join Craig Willis, CEO of Skore and Jonathan Fox, Director of Foxability and Xero App Integrator in our webinar and find out more. Use the link below to sign up.

Sign up here to join the webinar

How does Skore compare to other Business Process Tools?

Unsure how Skore compares to other software tools and platforms on the market? Or confused as to where Skore fits in? Read on to learn more with our review of the different types of products available and how they are used in the field. 

The Digital Transformation industry has a wealth of tools and platforms available to help organisations improve, streamline, manage and automate business processes. It can be pretty daunting to know which one to choose. Of course, choosing the right software depends on your objectives and it may be that you need more than one tool to do the job right. In this article we’d like to take a look at some of the different types of process software and compare Skore to these. We’re often asked where Skore fits in and this should help answer some of those questions. We’ll take a look at a general description of each category, give some examples of different tools and how Skore compares to them. 

Many products may actually fit in multiple categories, as Skore does, but for the purposes of this article we have placed them in the category they will be most recognised in.

General Purpose Diagramming Tools

The undisputed leader in this category is Microsoft’s Visio and it’s probably the most recognisable name on this page. General Purpose tools mean they can be used for a huge variety of different diagramming tasks from business process mapping to designing room layouts.

Making the creation of general, business related, drawings easy, typically they have a large library of shapes that can be dragged and dropped onto the canvas. They create good 2 dimensional drawings and some tools have a rudimentary ability to link different shapes together or add extra data.

The broad nature of their application is also the main drawback. For example, as soon as you need to make more than a handful of building layouts then a more specific CAD tool is required. The same can be said for business processes used in this format.

Popular tools in this category: MS Visio, Lucidchart, Gliffy, Smart Draw, draw.io, yEd

How Skore compares

Skore has been specifically designed to capture business processes. You cannot design the layout of your office, or create a database relational diagram but you can map processes faster and in a more analytical way.

The flexible nature of a diagramming tool means it is too cumbersome to be used to capture processes live. Therefore the normal procedure is to capture the process on a whiteboard, or paper, and then write it up later. With Skore the big difference is it can be captured directly into the software.

The Skore platform also has the ability to capture a variety of different types of data against the processes so that they can be instantly analysed.  As soon as the data has been documented, the analytics dashboard in the software provides instant insights to the user..

Sign up for a free 14 day trial of Skore here

Whiteboarding tools

These tools are very similar to the general purpose diagramming tools but with a focus of trying to replicate the freeform nature of a whiteboard. They tend to be very flexible and allow a variety of diagrams to be drawn with an aim to inspire and collaborate. The downside is that they lack some of the structure afforded in the diagramming tools above.

Popular tools: Miro, Mural, v-Wall

How Skore Compares

While also being designed to map in a live workshop environment, again Skore is specifically designed for capturing business processes. Used either face to face or online, it provides a highly structured approach that makes facilitation easy. Skore also embeds process analysis tools that provide instant insights into the process.

Skore’s easy to use interface means that teams engage rapidly with the process. It also shares process documentation with teams to use for training and onboarding as well as requirements gathering, risk analysis, quality management and many more uses.

Want to learn more about Process Mapping? Read our guide here


While Skore is not an automation platform it is often used alongside all different types of automation systems from traditional Business Process Management Systems, Low-code / No-code and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Many of these platforms come with business process modelling tools that are for designing the automation flow. These tools will often support standards such as Business Process Modelling and Notation but tend to be integrated with the development environment.

Popular tools: Bizagi, Kofax, K2, Codeless Platforms, Netcall, UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere.

How Skore compares

Here we are specifically looking at how the modelling part of the automation platform compares. Skore is focused on describing business processes from a human point of view. The aim is to create a process model that is easy to share and understand across a diverse audience. This is very different to the highly technical diagrams required to describe the automation.

In this respect Skore works as the business description of the automation and is used by the business to understand what is being automated. The same Skore model is then used by the technical team to work out how it is going to be automated. These are very different audiences with different needs and hence a different approach to describing business processes.

Following the initial discovery and requirements gathering the Skore platform is commonly used for change management throughout the project. The business friendly processes are used for User Testing as well as training and ongoing improvement of the new automation.

Checklist Tools

Checklist software is a simpler version of automation. They present key steps in a process as simple checklists allowing businesses to record progress through a process as the user checks off each step.

The checklists often include instructional material making it easier for the end user to execute the process. These are great for simpler processes that need to be tracked or to remind people how to complete tasks they don’t do very often.

Popular tools: TeamworkIQ, process.st, Tallyfy

How Skore compares

The difference between Skore and these checklist tools is relatively self evident. Skore is used to create a visual representation of a process rather than a checklist and Skore does not track the progress of a process. In practice it is sometimes a little more subtle.

Both checklist tools and Skore are used as documentation and training material for processes. Both provide collaboration tools and the ability to attach additional training material such as videos, documents, images etc.

The main benefit of Skore is how it represents more complicated relationships and processes. By being very visual, Skore makes it much easier for teams to identify issues in a process and design new solutions. When used as training material and documentation Skore provides a lot more context which is especially useful to new starters. Just as with Automation it’s common to find Skore used alongside a checklist tool. Skore provides the conceptual framework for processes,and documentation while the checklist tool provides the tracking and progress through the actual processes.

Process Analysis and Business Architecture Tools

Although process analysis and architecture can be considered as separate categories we combined them here. This is because they are generally highly specialised and intended for a highly technical audience. These products are used to understand how different systems integrate into the organisation at a strategic level. They are used by IT to ensure that the technology used in the business supports processes as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The audience for content created in these tools is rarely shared outside of the team where it is used and is difficult for non-practitioners to understand.

Popular tools: Aris, bizzdesign, ProVision

How Skore compares

In a similar way to how Skore relates to process modelling in automation, it is used to provide a business friendly view of processes. Skore is not the main tool of the business architect but it does provide a powerful platform for the architect to communicate with the rest of the business.

A process produced in Skore can be considered in the same way that an architect may produce a floor plan for a new building. The floorplan allows everyone to see how the building is laid out and where the rooms are without the technical information relating to materials, electricity or water. An Engineer would need to understand the materials to be used, the loads, the type of ground to be constructed on etc. This information is found on a different version of this diagram that isn’t shared with the electrical or plumbing teams.

Process Mining

Process mining tools, also sometimes called automated process discovery, use data that already exists in computer systems to understand a business process. They take various data inputs and analyse this to see how data is flowing through different systems. It then constructs a view showing how the process can be interpreted from how the data flows.

Process mining is especially useful for identifying bottlenecks in existing systems. This highlights opportunities for further automation or configuration changes. These are again highly technical tools typically used by the IT department.

Popular tools: Minit, Celonis, TimelinePI

How Skore compares

We often describe Process mapping as what people think the process is, whereas process mining tells us what the process actually is. This is a generalisation but it’s valuable to understand both of these viewpoints. Engaging with people is essential to any successful change, therefore having them describe their processes, regardless of how removed they are from reality, is important.

Process mining provides useful insights into what’s happening. It cannot provide easy to use documentation that teams can use to understand and improve the business. Skore can be used with process mining to understand the difference between perception and reality and decide how that impacts the business. Once the improvement opportunities have been identified, Skore can then be used to design the future of the business through collaborative and user friendly workshops.

Why not try out Skore for yourself with our 14 day, no obligation, free trial – sign up here

Skore launches updated and enhanced Quantify Module

Skore is pleased to announce the launch of their newly improved Quantify module on the Skore software platform. Including process simulation and team planning.

The challenges of 2020 have left many businesses struggling with wild fluctuations in demand for products and services. Organisations are recognising that whether its a sharp increase or a sudden drop off, its essential they can respond quickly and have the right team in place.

Building on our hugely popular Quantify module, Skore has greatly expanded the process costing and simulation functionality. New features allow you to rapidly model and simulate processes that allow you to understand the impact on your business and plan your resources accordingly.

Skore Quantify FTE Analysis - Screenshot taken from Skore
Image taken from the new Skore Quantify Module

Join us on a short webinar for an introduction of the new features plus simulations of how to use them. Take back control of your business planning and find out more with Skore.

To sign up for the webinar please follow the registration links below

Thursday 10th September at 10.00am (BST) – (Finished)

Thursday 17th September at 4.00pm (BST) (Finished)

If you missed our webinars and would like to learn more about the Quantify module please get in touch via [email protected]

Skore Update – July 2020

Looking back at the last review written in December 2019 none of us could have predicted the exceptional times we are now experiencing. Certainly for Skore our plans have been somewhat altered following the arrival of Covid 19.

That said, for Skore, the pandemic enabled us to truly reflect on our customer offering and improve the services our software provides. Skore offers a solution to those now stuck at home and who need to continue enhancing their organisations. 

The business is moving forward and continuing to expand, Skore has been listening to the client demands within the Digital Transformation industry. As a result, despite the trepidation of the last few months, we are excited to be launching enhanced products and services.

Skore for MS Azure Devops

Known as Skore Connect this software module aims to bridge the gap between the business and software development. A truly process led approach providing teams with full end to end visibility from business requirements to software development.

New Skore Quantify

Our newly enhanced Skore Quantify is currently in beta testing and will be launching in the second half of 2020. Improving on the current model, the new Skore Quantify will enable users to not only understand their process but truly see where they can save time and money. If you need to know what you can do with your existing team or whether you need to move/ reskill people to meet existing demand, then Quantify is for you. It’s been a real tribute to our Product and Customer facing teams who have worked tirelessly over the last few months to produce this really exciting and innovative update. 

Team changes

The last few months have also seen some changes within the team, Chris Green has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer which will enable him to continue on with the successful client relationships and sales activity he has already nurtured. I myself was appointed CEO at the beginning of July and I am extremely excited about the future for Skore. The team did an amazing job to put Skore on such an incredible growth trajectory in 2019 and the early part of this year. Their focus and hard work plus the compassion and support they showed to each other and our clients during the pandemic puts them in a different league. They not only brought us through the crisis stronger as a team, they delivered a stronger product and a better financial foundation.

Whether it has been making training available online in incredible tight timescales, developing and delivering Skrum community events remotely or successfully replatforming the Skore software in the midst of a pandemic, the team have pulled together and achieved great results. Its amazing, but of no surprise to us, what you can achieve together remotely when you have a solid foundation, a great team and product you are passionate about. 

Craig Willis, Chief Executive Officer

Chris Green appointed Chief Commercial Officer of Skore Labs Ltd.

Skore has announced the appointment of Chris Green as CCO of Skore, the online process mapping and improvement software platform. Previously Skore’s Partners Director, Chris will be responsible for all Client Relationships and Sales.  Chris commented:

 “I am delighted to become the Chief Commercial Officer for a software company I am so passionate about. Skore is leading the way on people led process change, and I’m so proud to have been part of the founding team driving the business forward. I will be working even more closely with our amazing clients and partners to ensure Skore rapidly becomes the tool of choice within the Digital Transformation community.”

With a consultancy based background, Chris’s wide experience in the Digital Transformation field makes him perfectly suited to the role. Skore’s CEO Craig Willis commented:

 ‘With Chris at the helm of our commercial activity, Skore’s transition into an established and leading Saas software platform has taken a huge leap forward. Delivering a world class customer experience is key to our success. The exciting software developments planned in the next 12 months will ensure the longevity and success of Skore as the process improvements tool for your organisation.’

To find out more about the Skore’s Management Team please click here 

Skore featured in The Business Magazine

Skore were recently featured in the noted publication – the Business Magazine – July/August 2020 edition.

Building on our relationship with innovative workforce solutions company SERT, the article underlines the value and opportunities that enhancing and streamlining your processes can bring.

The Business Magazine - focus on Portsmouth article

SERT’s CEO Mark Edwards commented ‘Skore is like holding a mirror up to our business so we can clearly see what’s happening and what needs to change.’

By making it easier for SERT to understand and discuss business processes using Skore meant greater communication and engagement from staff.

Additionally, having Skore as a knowledge base of all their processes eased the transition to remote working in recent times. Onboarding staff virtually has not only been painless but an incredibly effective way for SERT to share information across an organisation.

You can read the full article from The Business Magazine here