Partnership Announcement – Skore and Softools

Skore is delighted to announce a partnership with Softools – the no-code development platform for enterprise quality DIY apps.

Softools is an advanced zero code web application platform that enables users to build and deploy business process apps in hours. They will be recommending Skore’s process mapping software to their partners and customers as they firmly believe understanding a process is essential to successful digitisation.

Vipul Lakhani, Chief Commercial Officer, said

‘Historically we know that great application solutions have always involved our partners mapping out the process. It is vital for our customers to understand their business processes so they can identify opportunities to improve the process before digitising and then use this understanding in their training to increase adoption. Skore’s easy intuitive software platform enables us to achieve this effectively’.

Softools will use Skore as part of their offering as the simplest way to map out processes and together are considering further platform integrations. That future would enable Skore customers to not only identify but also execute digitisations. For Softools, the benefits would focus on enabling their App Builders to better understand processes that they are digitising and to support training and change management.

Chris Green, Chief Commercial Officer, Skore, said

‘Being able to create business applications in hours is hugely powerful, yet we still see teams spending far too long discovering and defining the problems to solve. Using Skore, you can now engage all people in an easy to understand methodology that takes hours, not days. Coupled with the Softools platform, customers can now deliver rapid results across the whole project lifecycle.’

The partnership between Softools and Skore presents the opportunity to ensure clients wanting to digitise their processes are offered a solution that not only looks at the implementation but also furthers the success and adoption of any application.

Vipul Lakhani added,

‘Having an understanding of your business processes is a vital element to success. Our shared values of collaboration, enabling visibility and governance ensure that this partnership will pave the way for a prosperous and successful relationship between us.’

Craig Willis guest speaker on Improvement Nerds Podcast

Skore’s CEO, Craig Willis, had the great opportunity recently to be invited on to the Improvement Nerds Podcast. Talking about the power of process mapping as a communications tool, Craig explained how capturing a process opens up so many opportunities for discovery and reflection. Of course using Skore as a model means that this process revolution is collaborative and easy too!

Find out more about what he had to say here.

Service Issue 20th January 2021

We are aware that some users have reported experiencing issues whilst using the Skore platform.

Our internal systems alerted us to this issue at 13.33 (GMT) and full service was restored by 14.26 (GMT). 

Some users were unable to connect to the server and some other users may have lost recent edits within this time window.

We are currently performing an investigation to understand the cause of these issues. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

Craig Willis, Chief Executive Officer.

Skore Co-Founders Feature on Podcast

This month, co-founders Chris Green and Craig Willis were invited to speak on the Rethink Productivity Podcast.

Chris and Craig had the opportunity to elaborate on how Skore makes Process Mapping and Improvement simple. Discussing how a structured and interactive approach to process discovery is the way forward, they demonstrated how easy it can be to map a process at the speed of conversation.

You can listen to the podcast in full here:

Ending 2020 on a high with a Skrum.

Our Skrum networking and learning event in December sparked lively conversations and generated some great networking connections.

Skore ran their final event of 2020 on Tuesday 8th December. Skrum has been a constant in the Skore event calendar for several years and in 2020 has successfully moved online in response to the pandemic.

For the team, one of the greatest advantages of this has been the larger numbers we have been able to welcome to the event which previously were held face to face in UK venues such as in London or Sheffield. In the most recent online events we’ve had attendees from the United States, India, South Africa and Nigeria, to name a few.

Skrum event

This time our theme focused on Cloud Computing and the impact it has had on Small and Medium Enterprises. Craig Willis, one of Skore’s co-founders, kicked off the event by elaborating on the size of the SME market and the potential for Change and Transformation professionals. Craig discussed what steps could be taken to aid SMEs on their growth strategy and how to position yourself in the market. A panel discussion followed. Hosted by Skore’s Angus Sim, our two guest speakers Lucy Beck from A2Z Cloud and Rowan Van Tromp from App Advisory Plus, provided their expertise and views on the topic.

Skrum Guest Speakers

The event finished with a lively networking session and an opportunity for all our attendees to contribute and comments on the points raised. In a time of remote working it was great to see so many people get involved and contribute. We are already excitedly planning our next event in February. Watch this space for more details soon.

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Skore Community November Update

It’s been a rewarding month for our new Community as our membership grows. Additional content has been included and it’s become a useful conduit for problems to be shared. It’s also been an opportunity for the Skore team to receive more product feedback and easily access requests for help.

Weekly Drop Ins on Friday mornings at 9.30am have been a great way to address issues that members have raised during the week. So far these sessions included:

  • Procure to Pay template  – Craig Willis, Co-Founder and CEO shared his P2P template. The group learned how to use colours to highlight specific steps in the process, for example – when a control function takes place. We also learned more about the power of Custom Field boxes. In this case how they can be used to identify exceptions, improvement ideas, control points and risks. 
  • Colin Claverie, Co-Founder and CTO ran through the new Quantify module. Feedback from this session greatly assisted the Product team in creating a new guide and three comprehensive how to videos. These guides and videos are available through the Community and on Youtube. 
  • Finally Colin was back again in our last Drop In Clinic to take users through how to organise processes in a workspace. The feedback from these sessions is also invaluable to the Product and Technical team as they continue to evolve and develop Skore’s comprehensive Product Roadmap. This will include new ways to help users organise processes and create links between them making it easier to run analytics especially when there is a complex hierarchy. 

If you’d like to learn more about these particular sessions you can find the output and recordings in the Community. To get involved in our next Drop In sessions and be able to suggest future topics then please get in touch and make sure you are signed up to our Community. If you would like a call to run through any aspect of your use of Skore please contact Angus Sim [email protected]

New Quantify Module Released This Week

Skore will be releasing the new and improved Quantify module on Wednesday 25th November 2020 at 12am (GMT).

The enhanced version enables users to:

  • Understand how long and how much it costs to perform a process 
  • Understand roles utilisation in terms of time, costs or FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
  • Identify bottlenecks in your process (in terms of time, FTE or costs)
  • Simulate volumes of activities and FTE availability for a given role
  • Simulate different scenarios (e.g. as-is, to-be)
  • Configure work conditions (number of working hours per day / per week) for your simulation

If you’d like to learn more we’ve created this handy guide to show you exactly how new Quantify will improve your Skore experience. The PDF guide can be downloaded here.

If you have any further questions about using Quantify you can always access our online Skore Community to post questions or find out more about Skore Features and use cases. You can join the community here.

Skore collaborates with local Portsmouth Business Process Automation company.

Based in Portsmouth, UK, Skore, the Process Improvement Software company has welcomed the opportunity to work with another innovative local start up in the same industry.

Skore have now joined forces with Intelligent Actions. This Portsmouth based company provides customised automated workflow solutions to clients.  Its founders, Steve Humphrey and David Blagden have over twenty years experience of business process automation and project management. Intelligent Actions allows small and medium sized companies to justify the cost of automating business workflows.

Spotting a great fit between the two companies, Intelligent Actions will use Skore’s intuitive and user friendly interface to easily map out, understand and document processes. Flexible and adaptable to any business, Intelligent Action’s product complements the advanced and versatile approach that Skore has to any organisation.

Chris Green, Chief Commercial Officer of Skore, commented:

‘Working and supporting local businesses is always rewarding. Being able to potentially join forces with another process led, leading edge organisation is not only great for business but also further champions the growth of technology based organisations in the region.’

Intelligent Actions offers Skore users the chance to take the next step in Automation. By identifying and quantifying the opportunities in their organisations they can drive efficiencies and growth across their business.

‘If you can capture a business process with Skore, we can build you a custom automated business workflow system’

said David Blagden, Co-Founder of Intelligent Actions.

The complementary product offerings mean that by working together, Skore and Intelligent Actions create a comprehensive enhanced picture of the actual process performance. Using Skore to define the process and build a viable business evolution means Intelligent Actions will be able to create a truly scalable solution to clients that is not available anywhere else.

To find out more visit the Intelligent Actions website here

Join our Skore Connect Webinar – 17/11/20

Bridging the Gap with Skore Connect

Skore for MS Azure Devops

Do these questions sound familiar?

This project is taking much too long.

Do we really need processes and requirements?

We still cannot collaborate effectively

Why don’t my development team see everything?

The project is going to cost how much?!?!

If you recognise these then you’re probably struggling to bridge the gap between the Business and Development Teams.

Join Skore and Marjolo in a 30 minute conversation covering true business-led requirements capture and how to seamlessly integrate this with your development teams. There will be a 10 minute question and answer section at the end of the webinar.

Sign up here for the webinar – Tuesday 17th November at 8.30am (GMT)

Get the most out of the Xero Ecosystem – 12 Nov 2020

Do you know how to get the most out of the 800 plus apps in the Xero Ecosystem and which ones to recommend to your clients?

Do you need to gain confidence rapidly and be able to show clients the insights they need?

Can you easily build trust and get clients to accept change in the way they work and tools they use?

We will show you how.

Skore (the Process Improvement software) and Foxability (Xero App Integrator) will show you how to rapidly understand your clients business. We will guide you through how to produce a roadmap of their business within two hours. A library that you and they can use for training, onboarding and quality control.

Show that you are the expert in their field and use our tactics for success with your clients from day one. 

Join our free webinar here -Thursday 12th November at 1pm (GMT)