Partnership Announcement – Skore and Softools

Skore is delighted to announce a partnership with Softools – the no-code development platform for enterprise quality DIY apps.

Softools is an advanced zero code web application platform that enables users to build and deploy business process apps in hours. They will be recommending Skore’s process mapping software to their partners and customers as they firmly believe understanding a process is essential to successful digitisation.

Vipul Lakhani, Chief Commercial Officer, said

‘Historically we know that great application solutions have always involved our partners mapping out the process. It is vital for our customers to understand their business processes so they can identify opportunities to improve the process before digitising and then use this understanding in their training to increase adoption. Skore’s easy intuitive software platform enables us to achieve this effectively’.

Softools will use Skore as part of their offering as the simplest way to map out processes and together are considering further platform integrations. That future would enable Skore customers to not only identify but also execute digitisations. For Softools, the benefits would focus on enabling their App Builders to better understand processes that they are digitising and to support training and change management.

Chris Green, Chief Commercial Officer, Skore, said

‘Being able to create business applications in hours is hugely powerful, yet we still see teams spending far too long discovering and defining the problems to solve. Using Skore, you can now engage all people in an easy to understand methodology that takes hours, not days. Coupled with the Softools platform, customers can now deliver rapid results across the whole project lifecycle.’

The partnership between Softools and Skore presents the opportunity to ensure clients wanting to digitise their processes are offered a solution that not only looks at the implementation but also furthers the success and adoption of any application.

Vipul Lakhani added,

‘Having an understanding of your business processes is a vital element to success. Our shared values of collaboration, enabling visibility and governance ensure that this partnership will pave the way for a prosperous and successful relationship between us.’