Skore announce Marjolo partnership.

Skore, market leaders in Rapid Process Discovery Software announce partnership with Innovative Transformation Experts, Marjolo.

Skore and Marjolo are delighted to confirm their collaboration, bringing together the ultimate process discovery software platform with optimised strategic & innovative digital transformation consulting services; ideal for businesses looking to capitalise on opportunities for sustainable growth and success.

Organisations can now benefit from the partnership announcement in terms of an industry leading cohesive approach to high-end business strategy, innovative digital transformation, project simplification, cost and time efficiencies due to Marjolo’s business scope expertise and Skore’s revolutionary software platform.

The result of this unique collaboration is a significantly reduced delivery time for digital transformation projects, leaving greater time and resource to support what really matters, the organisation’s teams and culture, maximising the impact of business investments.

Chris Green, Skore’s Partner Director said: ‘Marjolo’s ‘dare to be different’ and disruptive approach to transformation makes them a great fit for Skore. By challenging the status quo Marjolo have seen the power of Skore and successfully integrated it into the way they work. Skore’s unique process capture platform enables our partners to truly outperform the rest in the industry and we are excited to have Marjolo on board.’

Marjolo’s focus centres around strategic business objectives and capabilities, assessing current status and the opportunities in digital innovation that will drive a faster route to business success.

Skore complements this service by mapping processes, highlighting opportunities for collaboration and efficiency in terms of people as well as functionality.

Dave King, CEO at Marjolo said ‘Skore is the perfect partner for us. Flexible, values driven, and full of ideas about how we can continuously collaborate, grow and be successful together. As a platform Skore underpins all that we do so we can focus on delivering great transformation and value to our clients.’

Dave King Chris Green Marjolo Skore
Photo of Marjolo’s Dave King and Skore’s Chris Green at a recent collaboration

Skore is a Process Mapping and Analysis Platform that captures current process mapping in a live workshop environment.

Used by consultancy partners and end users alike, it enables organisations to understand, map and collaborate on their processes by providing an intuitive interface. A live workshop tool, its’ reporting and dashboard functionality delivers clarity, insight and process efficiencies. Skore aligns people, processes and tools.

Marjolo works to support businesses in navigating industry and economic challenges by aligning business capabilities & culture with digital technology innovation, creating and delivering success blueprints resulting in real savings & benefits to meet organisational aspirations.

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