Skore – guest speakers on leading Cloud computing podcast.

Skore,  along with Duena Blomstrom, Co Founder and CEO of People Not Tech, were honoured to be invited on to Cloudbusting, an insightful podcast from Cloudreach, hosted by Jeremy King and Dave Chapman. Jeremy and Dave are Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing. Together, they explore what it means for organisations and their business models when they move to the cloud. Their approach is to view cloud migration from a holistic point of view, including the impact on employees and customers.

Skore’s Chris Green, Partner Director and Craig Willis, Customer Success Director joined them last month. They discussed the importance of a human focused approach to process mapping and outlined the impact of Robotic Process Automation.

Why Skore?

Process mapping is an essential part of any change or transformation and cloud migration is no different. Process discovery allows organisations to re-evaluate their core processes and ensure they are the right ways of working for the modern world. This is an essential step in any cloud migration process.

Have a listen.

Listen to the podcast here to learn more about how Skore brings a human approach to process discovery and makes it easier to engage with everyone, not just the technical experts in your organisation. Craig and Chris outline Skore’s approach and how it can revolutionise the change management experience for any organisation.

Skore is committed to improving the user and therefore human experience of digital transformation. We are proud of the positive impact our platform can have an organisation. Find out more here:

Skore is the Process Discovery, Insights and Improvements Software platform that enables you to map processes live at the speed of conversation. Our solution provides valuable, instant insights and focuses on driving engagement and collaboration within an organisation.