Skrum – a new way to share ideas and meet likeminded practitioners

Definition of Skrum in English:




  1. A gathering of business change and improvement professionals in an open discussion where ideas are shared and questions are answered. A Skrum typically takes the form of three talks followed by discussion, questions and networking. Talks are 20 minutes long and cover topics such as project insights, case studies, methodology and technology reviews.

Partly inspired by Product Tank, product management meetings, and by our network of partners we decided to start hosting our ‘Skrum’ meetups this summer. When we meet individually with partners and customers we have some great discussions and always learn something new.

But we realised that there was a lot of similarities between the discussions we were having. So why not bring some of these people together to have the same conversations and share their experiences in order to help each other learn?

And so Skrum was born, a small(ish) gathering of practitioners in a room together to explore topics that can benefit and help in their own projects.

To bring a bit of structure to the events we decided to shape it around a series of talks that allow us to discuss these topics from different angles. Each session we try to have one talk from each of these areas. The main areas to date are; Project Insights – a case study or introduction to a particular project you have worked on. Methodology Review – an overview of a tool, or framework, you have used successfully. And Technology Review – an introduction to a relevant technology that has helped you deliver a project.

So far we have held our meetings in central London but we plan to run more in other cities. In fact our next meeting will be at our headquarters in Portsmouth on the south coast of England.

If you’d like to get involved and learn more about our upcoming events then why not join our page.

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