Software Implementation

This process is used to demonstrate to customers one of the solutions we offer. We’ve been involved in many software implementations over the years, from large scale ERP through to small implementations covering 4 or 5 team members.

Skore app is a fantastic tool for capturing and analyzing requirements based on process. We focus on asking stakeholders what they do today, which is a much easier question to answer than what do you want tomorrow.

From this information we can see exactly where today’s pains are and design solutions to alleviate those pains.

We can also create value by asking the customer what measurable improvement they would like to see (e.g. reduce costs, increase revenue, improve customer experience etc). We ask “how would that work?” and design processes that make it easy to see how feasible this is.

If you’d like more information on our approach to software implementation please do get in touch. [email protected]

Click the image to launch the interactive process
Click the image to launch the interactive process

How the software implementation process was created

Notes boxes were used to create the header in this process. The logo is taken directly from our website and added to the note using markdown:


The two chevrons are the icon called angle-double-right from the icon library and the title uses a # at the beginning of the text to create a header 1.

The two grey bars, above and below the process, are simply notes boxes with no text in them. The background has been set to grey and then stretched out across the page.

The text box at the bottom right is also a note box with a border enabled.

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