Skore Community November Update

It’s been a rewarding month for our new Community as our membership grows. Additional content has been included and it’s become a useful conduit for problems to be shared. It’s also been an opportunity for the Skore team to receive more product feedback and easily access requests for help.

Weekly Drop Ins on Friday mornings at 9.30am have been a great way to address issues that members have raised during the week. So far these sessions included:

  • Procure to Pay template  – Craig Willis, Co-Founder and CEO shared his P2P template. The group learned how to use colours to highlight specific steps in the process, for example – when a control function takes place. We also learned more about the power of Custom Field boxes. In this case how they can be used to identify exceptions, improvement ideas, control points and risks. 
  • Colin Claverie, Co-Founder and CTO ran through the new Quantify module. Feedback from this session greatly assisted the Product team in creating a new guide and three comprehensive how to videos. These guides and videos are available through the Community and on Youtube. 
  • Finally Colin was back again in our last Drop In Clinic to take users through how to organise processes in a workspace. The feedback from these sessions is also invaluable to the Product and Technical team as they continue to evolve and develop Skore’s comprehensive Product Roadmap. This will include new ways to help users organise processes and create links between them making it easier to run analytics especially when there is a complex hierarchy. 

If you’d like to learn more about these particular sessions you can find the output and recordings in the Community. To get involved in our next Drop In sessions and be able to suggest future topics then please get in touch and make sure you are signed up to our Community. If you would like a call to run through any aspect of your use of Skore please contact Angus Sim [email protected].