Is RPA Just A Band Aid?

Are we postponing the inevitable with RPA and storing up problems for the future?

When applying RPA to a manual interface, between an old legacy system and a company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, often the instinct is to rip out the legacy system. To replace it with something more modern and efficient with the ability to integrate directly. However what is an issue today may be an advantage or opportunity tomorrow and vice versa. In other words, businesses need to be more agile so they can understand the nature of problems they face today and adapt and change for the problems they face in the future.

Making businesses agile is where RPA, and tools such as Skore’s Software platform, really come into their own. With mapping and analysis tools, an organisation can rapidly understand the current situation, align teams and get everyone on-board. It’s a completely different approach to traditional methods of discovery.

Image taken from Skore’s Robotic Assess Software Platform

Undertaking a major systems implementation may seem like the right answer today, for example, replacing a legacy system. However if it takes 12 – 18 months how can we be sure that it will be the right solution long-term?

This is where Process Discovery and RPA are so effective. Process capture workshops are fast, engaging and result in an agreed set of processes in a digital and shareable format.

Furthermore, process capturing should really be more than just ‘processes’. While a process acts as a framework for understanding how the organisation works, a mapping and analysis tool should allow you to augment the process with other information such as; roles, systems, data, duration and costs etc.

quantify questionnaire and what box

It allows you to create a more complete picture of how the organisation works. Enabling you to focus on what’s important right now.

This is why mapping and analysis fits so neatly with RPA. Robotic Process Automation allows you to quickly implement changes to, and vastly improve the performance of, how work gets done. There’s no need to run an 18 month implementation programme before you start seeing benefits. Benefits identified during process discovery can be implemented and realised with RPA within weeks or even days.

We recognise that many organisations are still using traditional methods of discovery to feed their RPA initiatives. But don’t be surprised when there’s a collective groan from your colleagues. If you really want to become truly agile you’ll need to abandon the old ways and marry your RPA programme with Digital Discovery. Only this way will you ensure that your RPA initiative is not just hiding problems for the future.

Skore has developed Robotic Assess, a Saas software solution that enables you and your organisation to rapidly discover and agree business processes, identify RPA opportunities and create a robust business case with clear ROI analysis. Find out more about what our Software Platform tool can do for you.