Need help running remote workshops?

Need help running remote workshops but hesitant to spend money on an expensive daily rate? We have the solution…

Following the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus and the subsequent global impact on businesses, many of us are facing the challenge of how to run our organisations remotely.

This can be a challenge to many businesses, especially when deadlines loom and we question how we can maximise our time and get the most out of any remote workshop.

Skore are experts in managing and facilitating online workshops and understand and effectively deal with any pitfalls or challenges you may experience.

In these uncertain times we are proposing the opportunity for organisations to use Skore consultants to remotely facilitate and manage workshops for you. Exceptionally in these circumstances we will charge an extremely competitive hourly rate.

What will I get out of it?

If you’re an existing customer, we’ll run the sessions in one of your Skore workspaces

If you’re new to Skore, we’ll create a dedicated extended trial workspace to capture the workshop content, with enough users to engage the team. All content can easily be exported out of Skore in a selection of formats. This information will be available for your team to collaborate, engage and share after the workshop has finished.

Please get in contact by emailing us at [email protected] to find out more and book a slot.

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