Skore Update – July 2020

Looking back at the last review written in December 2019 none of us could have predicted the exceptional times we are now experiencing. Certainly for Skore our plans have been somewhat altered following the arrival of Covid 19.

That said, for Skore, the pandemic enabled us to truly reflect on our customer offering and improve the services our software provides. Skore offers a solution to those now stuck at home and who need to continue enhancing their organisations. 

The business is moving forward and continuing to expand, Skore has been listening to the client demands within the Digital Transformation industry. As a result, despite the trepidation of the last few months, we are excited to be launching enhanced products and services.

Skore for MS Azure Devops

Known as Skore Connect this software module aims to bridge the gap between the business and software development. A truly process led approach providing teams with full end to end visibility from business requirements to software development.

New Skore Quantify

Our newly enhanced Skore Quantify is currently in beta testing and will be launching in the second half of 2020. Improving on the current model, the new Skore Quantify will enable users to not only understand their process but truly see where they can save time and money. If you need to know what you can do with your existing team or whether you need to move/ reskill people to meet existing demand, then Quantify is for you. It’s been a real tribute to our Product and Customer facing teams who have worked tirelessly over the last few months to produce this really exciting and innovative update. 

Team changes

The last few months have also seen some changes within the team, Chris Green has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer which will enable him to continue on with the successful client relationships and sales activity he has already nurtured. I myself was appointed CEO at the beginning of July and I am extremely excited about the future for Skore. The team did an amazing job to put Skore on such an incredible growth trajectory in 2019 and the early part of this year. Their focus and hard work plus the compassion and support they showed to each other and our clients during the pandemic puts them in a different league. They not only brought us through the crisis stronger as a team, they delivered a stronger product and a better financial foundation.

Whether it has been making training available online in incredible tight timescales, developing and delivering Skrum community events remotely or successfully replatforming the Skore software in the midst of a pandemic, the team have pulled together and achieved great results. Its amazing, but of no surprise to us, what you can achieve together remotely when you have a solid foundation, a great team and product you are passionate about. 

Craig Willis, Chief Executive Officer