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The Rapidly Changing Face of Financial Services

Since the last financial crisis, now over a decade ago, the world of financial services has changed considerably. Regulations have tightened, capital rules have increased, GDPR and ring fencing threaten potentially huge fines, but most of all, consumer behaviour is transforming the relationship between traditional businesses and their customers.

Customers expect to have their financial information available, at their fingertips, through multiple channels. They want it instantly and they put a lot of trust in financial service providers to protect their personal data as well as their money. Any damage to that trust can lead to switching service provider and potential damage to brand reputation.

Challenger, digital only, banks make it quick and easy to change. They provide near instant decisions on key financial transactions, advanced user interfaces and great customer experience.

Existing financial services businesses need to change quickly in an increasingly complex environment. They must keep costs down, continue to meet regulatory and compliance obligations while embracing the digital future in a secure way.

Create a Simple Picture of Your Complex Programmes

Skore helps you take the complexity out of managing multiple transformation programmes, within the organisation, while meeting your regulatory and compliance obligations. You use Skore to rapidly create a picture of your services and programmes that includes people, processes and information. This allows you to visualise relationships and understand the impact of changes.

In Skore you can link your customer journey map to the multiple processes and initiatives that support each touch point. This provides the organisation with a common language that describes your main customer interfaces with the work required to deliver the customer experience you want. Everyone working on improving customer experience, no matter how far removed, can have a common view.

Review and compare the performance of key processes across regions, functions and systems by displaying processes side-by-side and in the context of performance data. Skore integrates with business intelligence tools so you can see key performance information along with your processes.

Quickly assess the impact of regulations to existing processes, gather feedback and update collaboratively. Changes to processes, roles, systems and key controls can be easily communicated across the organisation to any internet enabled device.

Skore is perfect for designing new and innovative processes with representatives from different teams. The Skore approach helps you design even the most complicated new services in a simple language that can be understood by everyone from technical, regulatory, marketing and any other team.


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