Are you preparing for investment or looking to sell your technology business?

Are you trying to keep everything working through a period of rapid growth?

You’ve successfully built the business to this point but as it grows it becomes harder to keep track of how everything works. You hire great people that bring new ideas and implement new processes and ways of working. But it’s still important to have a holistic view of how all these processes and ways of working fit together.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience means ensuring that all the underlying processes are working in unison. You don’t want customers to have a great experience in one place and not in another. So it’s essential that you know who does what, who is responsible for what and ensuring that everyone else in the team has that clarity.

Delivering growth

The Skore team brings years of experience growing technology businesses in both the USA and the UK. Coupled with the Skore approach we will work with you to rapidly discover your existing processes and ways of working. You will be able to layer on all the systems and data you need to run your business.

This view enables you to quickly identify gaps in your business and provides the information you need to fill them. Typical uses of Skore include identifying where you need to invest in staff and / or technology. If you identify a gap in staffing Skore can provide the exact job description to help you hire the right person. Simply describe how you want your business to work and export the job descriptions for the missing roles.

If you need to implement a new system, to help automate key parts of your business, Skore will help you describe the processes and outcomes. Add to this the requirements and who needs to use the system and you will have the perfect requirements to help you select the right system.

Keeping everyone on the same page, and clarifying roles and responsibilities, is essential through periods of rapid growth. Many companies use Skore to continuously keep the team aligned. They regularly perform business retrospectives, using Skore, to ensure they are continuously improving to deliver that exceptional customer experience.

Case Study: Growth Through Better Communication

Technology monitoring company Highlight use Skore to clarify roles and responsibilities and handover between teams. A company with ambitious growth plans, Highlight need to keep everyone aligned and on the same page.

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