Scale your business right first time by clarifying roles, responsibilities and core ways of working within your team. Prepare for investment, or acquisition, while taking the complexity out of due diligence.

Using Skore to drive collaborative discovery workshops gets all your team on the same page on day 1. It’s the fastest and most engaging way to get everyone onboard and really start to understand what’s happening in the organisation.

Unique approach to workshops that guide the team through a methodology that brings different perspectives together. Challenges the status quo, challenges participants to question why they do what they do, what value does it bring to the customer. Engages the whole team and making them feel part of the change and not victims of it. Capture different types of information in a structured way, on the fly making it easy to report on later. Don’t need years of experience to facilitate workshops and create good quality business process documentation. Offline as well as online.

Collaborative workshops are one of the fastest ways to generate the insights you need to improve your business. Whether defining requirements for a new software tool, implementing new ways of working, identifying risks and controls or looking for cost savings and efficiencies, a Skore workshop will help you quickly clarify, align and agree with your team.

To really understand a business it’s essential that you create a picture collaboratively. Everyone has a different view of how things get done. Each person feels the pain of things going wrong differently.


Do you have the necessary insights to get transformation right?

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