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    Transformation in Home Building

    The 21st Century Challenge of Home Building

    Over the past few years house building has increased to meet government projected demand. However, after several years of underinvestment the industry is playing catch up. With more homes being constructed in every part of the country it’s important to maintain high levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

    Home builders rely heavily on local contractors and national suppliers and support local economies. They must meet the necessary regulations to ensure a safe workplace and to protect the environment for future generations.

    These supply chains are complicated and need to be managed effectively. Without strong operating processes, well defined controls and clearly communicated procedures costs can get out of control, quality is impacted, customer experience can become negative and unnecessary accidents can happen.

    Build Better and Safer With Skore

    Skore helps you visualise, understand and communicate the build process in a clear and simple way. It uses a simple, yet highly structured, methodology to help you rapidly discover how things work today.

    It helps you identify gaps, risks and potential improvement opportunities collaboratively with the workforce. This workforce engagement helps ensure everyone across the business is engaged in any changes and improvements you make.

    Once you have created a picture of your people, processes and information you can define key control points, identify requirements, understand costs, design improvements and train the team.

    The information you capture in Skore can be instantly shared across sites, regions and the whole country to align the business. Your data is stored securely in the cloud as a single source of the truth. It’s a single place for all employees to access  the knowledge they need to do their daily tasks effectively and efficiently.


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