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Create an agile and motivated workforce

“Clarity and insights ensure we respond to change with minimal effort”

Reduce cost while maintaining quality

“The software has been integral to identifying opportunities to improve performance. It will be instrumental in the sustainable future of Hull College Group”

Reduce time to prepare for and risk of inspection

“While focusing on driving efficiencies a valuable byproduct has been clear and agreed documentation that we can share with inspectors at no extra cost”

The Ever-Changing Face of Further Education

With a continuing squeeze on funding for colleges and the ever increasing requirement for investing in new technology, it can be difficult to maintain a viable financial model. Now, more than ever, further education colleges also need to be flexible and agile in order to adapt quickly to the changing needs of society and business.

While exploring alternative sources of funding there needs to be a focus on reducing costs and finding efficiencies while continuing to offer high-quality learning experiences. Essentially doing more with less.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through merging colleges or individual services. Colleges can come together through the provision of shared services, such as finance teams, human resources and recruitment. This allows them to take advantage of economies of scale while providing a consistent standard of delivery.

However, mergers on any scale can be difficult, costly and time consuming, not to mention having a potential negative impact on the delivery of core educational services and staff morale. And while managing this the college still needs to remain agile to deal with the ever-changing educational environment and inspections regime.

A One-Stop Service for Further Education

Skore have partnered with MCA Coopers, a specialist in Education, to create MCA Map Pro a complete service for discovery, analysis, design and implementation for a new breed of agile college. The MCA Map Pro service helps you rapidly discover and understand core processes to quickly identify savings and efficiencies.

MCA Map Pro is based on Skore’s simple, yet highly structured, approach that makes it very quick and easy to capture ways of working in a collaborative environment. This ensures maximum staff engagement while making the content easily accessible across the organisation.

Once captured your processes, procedures, role descriptions and relations to systems are not just there to gather dust. You can use MCA Map Pro to constantly review the impact of changes and make operational improvements to ensure you remain agile for years to come. All the content is stored in a single source of the truth.

MCA Map Pro is perfect for managing the complex work involved in merging services and/or setting up a shared service centre across multiple colleges. The rapid discovery approach makes it quick and easy to capture similar processes from multiple institutions in a standard way so they can be easily compared. Merged processes can be designed and communicated out across the group to provide a single, standard way of working.


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